Harbin Clinic Headlines

Harbin Clinic Headlines

Harbin Clinic Continues Growing and Welcomes 10 New Physicians This Summer

For 150 years, Harbin Clinic has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality, local medical care to patients throughout Northwest Georgia. As the state’s largest privately owned, physician-led healthcare organization with an established and trusted reputation in the communities it serves, Harbin Clinic recognizes the critical importance of recruiting world-class physicians to the area. This summer, ten new physicians will join Harbin Clinic representing the specialties of Cardiology, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Rheumatology, Pediatrics, and Cardiothoracic Surgery. Learn more about these expertly trained physicians who prioritize caring completely for their patients.

Dr. Bennett Brock

Dr. Bennett Brock joins Harbin Clinic General Surgery Rome, and he is eager to join the expert group of surgeons and start caring for patients. He begins seeing patients on September 16.

Dr. Brock shared the ways the technically and mentally challenging elements of surgery fit his personality and life goals. As he was considering what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he wanted a challenge. And with surgery, he feels challenged daily. He may be doing the same operation repeatedly, but the patient and circumstances are always different. He approaches each operation individually.

“When you’re a general surgeon, you go in, meet the family, and tell them you’re going to be operating on them or a loved one. That conversation begins to build mutual trust, a unique relationship. As a very relational person, this part of my work is one of the things that drives me to be a better surgeon. Meeting somebody at such a challenging time in their lives and instilling some peace and confidence in them that you’ll be taking care of them is a major responsibility.”

Learn more about Dr. Brock, visit Harbin Clinic.


Dr. Ademola Adeseye

Dr. Ademola Adeseye joins Harbin Clinic Cardiothoracic Surgery and will begin seeing patients August 16, 2021. He shares that his medical philosophy is “to treat every patient as if they are your mother, your father or any other family member.”

Dr. Adeseye grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and throughout his school years, he was always drawn to the sciences. As a medical student, he was enthralled with studies focused on the heart and lungs. However, his decision to pursue cardiothoracic surgery was highly influenced by seeing his first heart surgery. Dr. Adeseye vividly remembers the way he felt watching a heart independently resume contraction after surgery. “It was such a humbling experience: nothing short of a miracle. Now I get to experience this miraculous occurrence every day,” he marveled.

“I have the opportunity to care for people at some of their most vulnerable moments,” he explained. “It is an incredible moment when you let a patient know we have improved their chance of survival.”

Learn more about Dr. Adeseye by visiting Harbin Clinic.


Dr. Chelsea Tehan

Dr. Chelsea Tehan joins Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Adairsville and is eager to start caring for the children of Adairsville. Dr. Tehan will begin seeing patients August 9.

One thing Dr. Tehan prioritizes is really getting to know her patients. “As a pediatrician, I hope to be there for your child through every stage of their young life. I aspire to care for a community of children and then care for their children…and their children’s children!”

Dr. Tehan personally experienced the significance of healthy doctor-patient relationships first as a child and then again during medical school as she shadowed a family medicine doctor in a rural community. Her aunt would often bring her to work as a child, where she served as a pediatric nurse.

As she followed the pediatrician from room to room while he visited patients, she felt a deep respect for the ways families allowed him to be a part of their lives.

Learn more about Dr. Tehan by visiting Harbin Clinic.


Dr. Lacey Johnson

Dr. Lacey Johnson joins Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Adairsville and will begin seeing patients August 9, 2021. Alongside thorough medical training, Dr. Johnson brings additional knowledge and experience, including a Master’s in counseling and psychology. She is equipped and eager to begin caring for the patients of Adairsville.

“I am honored to care for patients who are looking for a physician dedicated to their healthcare,” Dr. Johnson shares.

Dr. Johnson’s background in psychology has had a large impact on the way she cares for patients. Much of her philosophy draws on the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to patient care. She quickly found that one’s health is not only affected by medicinal treatments but more importantly the impacts of social life and psychological status on a person’s overall health. She believes that when patients understand the “why,” they are more likely to ask good questions and fully commit to their health plan. This all-inclusive method is a priority in how Dr. Johnson cares for and comforts her patients.

Learn more about Dr. Johnson by visiting Harbin Clinic.


Dr. Anandita Arora

Internal Medicine physician Anandita Arora, MD joins Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Rome and will begin seeing patients July 14, 2021. Dr. Arora brings a breadth of expertise and a deep commitment to providing the most comprehensive and thorough care to her patients.

Dr. Arora invests in really getting to know her patients, and her extensive training equips her to deal with a variety of problems that may arise – no matter how simple or how complex.

To Dr. Arora, primary care is not just about transactional medicine and impersonal treatment. Instead, it requires a multi-sided approach to serve patients best. Relationships also play a major role in Dr. Arora’s passion for primary care. “I wanted to be in a field where a person starts at the beginning with you as the first responder, figuring out, ‘What does this patient need?’” she explained.

To learn more about Dr. Arora, visit Harbin Clinic.


Dr. Spencer Maddox

Dr. Spencer Maddox has spent the last several years caring for cardiac patients in the metro Atlanta area. Now, he is bringing his expertise to Calhoun to join the cardiology team at the new Harbin Clinic Heart Center. He will begin seeing patients on Aug. 9, 2021.

Dr. Maddox described how excited he was to begin caring for patients at the Heart Center and help patients improve their quality of life.

He knew he wanted to be a doctor from a very young age. Dr. Maddox has always loved people and science and wanted to follow a path where he could meld those passions. When picking a specialty, he was looking for a trajectory into adult medicine. He was drawn to cardiology and saw the specialty as an opportunity to follow along with a patient and build relationships over time while also practicing procedural medicine and imagining.

Learn more about Dr. Maddox at Harbin Clinic.



Dr. Andrew McCue

Cardiologist Andrew McCue, MD is bringing his expertise to Calhoun to join the cardiology team at the new Harbin Clinic Heart Center and will begin seeing patients on Aug. 9, 2021. Dr. McCue has long aspired to be a community cardiologist and his years of training taught him the importance of clear communication. He realized if a patient does not understand why care is valuable, it is more difficult to motivate that patient to be proactive about his or her health. He strives to keep in mind both the medical and personal sides of a patient’s issue and bring communication to the forefront.

“Every successful patient-physician relationship is built on communication and honesty. Whether it be celebrating a milestone accomplishment or sharing difficult news, I look forward to being there to support my patients,” explains Dr. McCue.

Learn more about Dr. McCue at Harbin Clinic.



Dr. Daniel Grant

Dr. Daniel Grant joins Harbin Clinic Rheumatology Rome, and he will begin seeing patients Aug. 4. Dr. Grant’s journey to medicine began early. He was 11 years old when he found out he had high blood pressure. During his treatment, he was inspired by the care and dedication of his pediatric nephrologist. A few years later, the same doctor offered his young patient the opportunity to shadow him and experience the provider side of medicine.

Dr. Grant describes himself as a listener first and foremost. He believes the first step to care is really understanding why a patient is there, and he achieves this by active listening.

“From there, it’s about educating patients. I describe what I believe is going on and how best to treat it,” he explains. “But it’s not just me telling them what to do. It’s coming up with a treatment strategy together that they are on board with from the beginning.

Learn more about Dr. Grant by visiting Harbin Clinic.



Dr. Justin Tanner

Dr. Justin Tanner is excited to join the cardiology team in Rome and come home to Northwest Georgia. Dr. Tanner recently finished a cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology fellowship at the University of South Florida, but originally grew up in Adairsville, GA.

When describing what drew him to cardiology, Dr. Tanner expresses the deep satisfaction in seeing cardiology treatment impact a patient almost immediately. He explains, “We treat chronic situations as well, but there are some procedural things we can do to make life better immediately.”

When describing his philosophy of medicine, Dr. Tanner talks about clear communication. For him, communication is more than just the doctor-patient relationship, which he, of course, said is also important. But it is also about communicating clearly with whomever the patient has invited into their circle of care. “I like to establish a trusted rapport with families. We want them to feel completely cared for.” Dr. Tanner will begin seeing patients Aug. 9.

Learn more about Dr. Tanner by visiting Harbin Clinic.




Dr. Alan Wilson

Dr. Alan Wilson received his Doctor of Medicine degree at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA. He completed his residency in the Department of Surgery at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon, GA., and he is board-certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Wilson will be providing acute care surgical services at Floyd Medical Center’s Level II Trauma Center as a trauma surgeon.

Learn more about Dr. Wilson by visiting Harbin Clinic.

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