Norfolk Southern update: Neighbors report those stalled rail cars are finally gone along Glenn Milner.

Norfolk Southern update: Neighbors report those stalled rail cars are finally gone along Glenn Milner.


Unofficial but we’re reading in the Between the Rivers Facebook page that those stalled Norfolk Southern cars along Glenn Milner Boulevard have finally departed. They’d been sitting there for nearly two weeks. We’ll have updates soon.



ABOVE: That’s the Turner McCall bridge above the rail line as seen from the back of Garner & Glover on Friday morning. Hometown photo.
Another look from the ground adjacent to Garner & Glover Friday morning. Hometown photo.
And how it looked midafternoon Friday on the topside from the Turner McCall bridge looking to the right toward CVS. Hometown photo.

Those rail car clogging the crossings at Glenn Milner Boulevard, between First and Sixth avenues, were still in place around 11 a.m. Friday even as the downtown parade ticks closer. We checked a bit further down the line to find even more cars stashed under the Turner McCall Boulevard bridge, starting from just behind Garner & Glover Insurance and continuing under the highway.

That’s important because one of the assumed remedies, short term at least, was moving the Glenn Milner cars in that direction at least  until after Tuesday evening’s parade.

We have notes into Norfolk Southern for more.


The stall starts just after the Second Avenue crossing near Heritage Hall (upper right).
It continues along Glenn Milner, blocking the cuts onto First through Fifth avenues. Here’s a look from the parking lot at the soon-to-open River Remedy Brewing.
On the other side of Glenn Milner, looking out from Fifth Avenue toward Second Avenue.
The stall ends just before the Sixth Avenue cut across from the Rome News-Tribune campus. Photos from Wednesday morning by Hometown Headlines.


Thursday update: With word now that the “parked” Norfolk Southern rail cars will line Glenn Milner into next week, please plan your trip to downtown Rome for the Christmas parade carefully. Glenn Milner is key for both parade assembly as well as for traffic into and out of the downtown neighborhoods. Past parades have drawn 20,000 or more guests.

The train track that splits Glenn Milner Boulevard almost parallel to the Etowah River has been an issue for Between the Rivers’ residents for ages. Most recently, debris left by some “track improvements” created an eyesore, never mind potential liability issues.

Now residents and retailers have a bigger headache — dozens of box cars blocking the tracks from First Avenue to almost Sixth Avenue as  you travel toward Turner McCall (via First Street). What’s a concern: The engineless cars are blocking cuts at the end of the road, blocking an entrance from Glenn Milner. Even more of a concern: The blockade between the Milner lanes also are cutting off any emergency traffic involving Rome Police or Rome Floyd Fire Department.

We checked with Rome Police on Wednesday morning who, in turn, had contacted the railroad. Assistant Chief of Police Debbie Burnett says the agency was told “the rail cars will be moved in about a week.”

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