Courts: Final two suspects in the Neo Nazi terror group charged in Floyd County in January 2020 sentenced Friday.

Courts: Final two suspects in the Neo Nazi terror group charged in Floyd County in January 2020 sentenced Friday.

Luke Lane, Jacob Kaderli and Michael Helterbrand after their January 2020 arrest in connection to the white supremacist group, The Base. All have now been sentenced in Floyd County Superior Court.

From the AJC, Saturday morning:

Two more members of a neo-Nazi terror cell based in Floyd County pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to murder a Bartow County couple, with one saying that he was pushed to violence after being discriminated against for his fascist beliefs.

Superior Court Judge John Niedrach sentenced Luke Austin Lane, 23, to 13 years in prison for what the prosecutor described as a cold-blooded plot, hatched in the fall and winter of 2019, to murder the couple based on a belief that they were antifascist activists.

Niedrach sentenced Lane’s co-defendant, 21-year-old Jacob Oliver Kaderli, to serve six years. Both men will get credit for the 22 months they already have served in jail awaiting trial.

The men belonged to a transnational white supremacist group called The Base, which believes it can bring about a race war through random acts of terror. In a rambling statement before sentencing, Lane apologized for his actions, but he also said he was driven to violent behavior after being persecuted for his beliefs.

“I wondered if my only option to make it all stop was to become the terrorist they wanted me to be,” he said.

In Friday’s hearing, Floyd County Assistant District Attorney Emily Johnson described Lane as the ringleader of the group with “no regard for human life.

“Luke Lane brought The Base, brought this domestic terrorism, to our town,” she said. “He is the reason that Rome, Ga., and Floyd County got infiltrated by The Base.”

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Michael John Helterbrand

From the AJC:

Michael John Helterbrand, a member of the neo-Nazi terror group The Base, was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison for his role in a conspiracy to murder a Bartow County couple.

Local police and the FBI arrested Helterbrand, 27, in January 2020 along with co-defendants Jacob Oliver Kaderli, 21, and Luke Austin Lane, 23, and charged them with plotting to murder the couple because they suspected them of being in a local antifascist activist group.

The three men had been scheduled for trial later this month when Helterbrand changed course and decided to plead guilty Wednesday. Plea hearings for Lane and Kaderli are scheduled for Friday.

At Helterbrand’s sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Emily Johnson described how Helterbrand plotted to raid the couple’s home and how he and his co-defendants would cover their tracks after killing them. Helterbrand bought “brass catchers” to carry spent ammunition cases, she said, and equipment to make a homemade silencer.

He even said he would not hesitate to kill any children who might have been living in the house, Johnson told the court.

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From Hometown Headlines, Jan. 18, 2020: Here’s the latest on the three men arrested by Floyd County Police and the FBI. The 20-page document follows. 

Michael John Helterbrand

Media release: A Floyd County man and two others from Georgia are currently in jail for charges that allege they were involved in a white supremacist group with plans to overthrow the government and murder a Bartow County couple.

Other arrests have been made across the country but based on the investigation by Floyd County Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation the training camp and leadership was based at a home in Silver Creek.

Luke Austin Lane (age 21) was arrested near his home on Wednesday without incident and is being housed at the Floyd County Jail pending charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participation in the criminal gang known as “The Base.” Lane was denied bond on Thursday.

Two others from Georgia include: Michael John Helterbrand (age 25) from Dalton and Jacob Kaderli (age 19) of Dacula, who were both arrested in different locations. Kaderli and Helterbrand are both now housed in Floyd County. They have also being charged with conspiracy to commit murder and participation in a criminal street gang.

Luke Austin Lane

The Atlanta office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted the bulk of the preliminary investigation and assisted local authorities with follow up investigations. The members of The Base are described in arrest affidavits as a racially motivated, violent extremist group that sought to “accelerate the downfall of the United States government, incite a
race war and establish a white ethno-state.”

The group was involved in recruiting new members online, meeting to discuss strategy and practicing in paramilitary training camps on a 100-acre tract in Silver Creek. Facts that detail evidence of the arrest are contained in criminal warrants and affidavits for arrest.

Update: An article in The Wall Street Journal  connects these Georgia arrests to others arrested this week in Wisconsin, Maryland and Delaware, some with plans to open fire at a Pro-Gun rally planned in Richmond, Virginia in Monday.

Keep an eye on this unfolding story as Floyd County Police and the FBI continue to work a murder conspiracy case said to have ties to The Base, a white nationalist terrorist group that is making headlines in The New York Times as well.

Many of the local documents remain sealed but Sgt. Chris Fincher of the Floyd County Police Department confirms the arrest of Luke Austin Lane, 22, of Silver Creek; Michael Helterbrand, 25 of Dalton, and 19-year-old Jacob Kaderli of Dacula.

A check of Floyd County Jail records shows only Kaderli in custody as of Thursday night. Records show he is charged with:

  • Conspiracy to commit a felony.
  • Unlawful for a person employed by/associated with criminal street gang to conduct/participate in criminal activity through the commission of an offense.
  • Both counts are felonies and no bond has been set.

Local documents are expected to be released in the case later today..

What ties, if any, this has to a crisis situation brewing in Richmond, Va., apparently are in those documents. Times’ editors updated their story Thursday night but it lacks any direct reference to the Northwest Georgia arrests. You can read that story in full by clicking here.

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