Newsletter: Some love for Glenn Milner Boulevard. Bartow Schools hire 160-plus teachers. Charlie Culberson officially big league: he’s getting a bobblehead. Peaks & Valleys.

Newsletter: Some love for Glenn Milner Boulevard. Bartow Schools hire 160-plus teachers. Charlie Culberson officially big league: he’s getting a bobblehead. Peaks & Valleys.

Keep an eye on what River Remedy Brewing does at this Glenn Milner address. Hometown photo.


More life on the banks of the Etowah River off Glenn Milner: The story about the comeback of Rome’s River District gets better almost every week. But another stretch that holds so much promise are the banks of the Etowah River off Glenn Milner Boulevard. River Remedy Brewing is the latest to announce plans to revitalize an attractive tract with craft beer and soon, in-house brew. The Season Events has been a welcome upgrade as has Blue Pig LLC’s store and shop. There is potential there that seems to be overlooked. Perhaps the little-used railroad line discourages some; if so, we recommend you see what Acworth has done with its flourishing downtown, railroad track included. A toast, then, to another  “Remedy” on the way for the Etowah.

Some of the new recruits at an orientation session last week. Source: Bartow County Schools.


160-plus new teachers for Bartow County Schools: That’s a number that stops you for a minute. 160-plus new teachers to start the 2021-22 school year. Then again, the Bartow system has more than 13,400 students and 20 schools. Bartow is identified as having 881 teaching positions so that means more than 18 percent of them are new this year. Another five openings are advised today on Teach Georgia as are two paraprofessional slots. Classes start Aug. 4 and teachers, students and staff return with no masks required.

Charlie Clutch bobblehead? Yes, please. A few years ago, Rome’s walking saint, William Davies, was cast as a bobblehead. A fitting tribute to someone who continues to do so much for Rome and Floyd County. Now we’re seeing another local legend, Charlie Culberson, get the treatment. The first 500 fans through the gates of State Mutual Stadium at the Rome Braves-Asheville Tourists game on Wednesday and Thursday will get the keepsake. Culberson was a star with the big Braves for several years and now is playing for the Texas Rangers. He had a dazzling high school career to match. He provided some of the thrills as the Atlanta club started to climb back into a contender.  Tickets: Rome Braves


PEAKS & VALLEYS: The highs and lows of Northwest Georgia.

Peak to Floyd E-911 for prompt sharing of the Summerville Park gas leak: The team quickly spread the word of a leak off Charlton near Briarwood Circle on Monday evening, helping inform neighboring residents and even some others out of town for vacation. One quick Facebook post helped a lot of people know what was happening — and that the all-clear update followed several hours later.

Valley to school systems starting the new year with mandatory masks: You’d think it was an election year (well, for Rome board members, it is, but…) With Delta variant cases rising and many school-age children still not fully vaccinated, it is a mistake to start classes without a mask mandate. The best defense is a good offense and one of the best ways to keep students, faculty and staff healthy is to wear a mask. If the numbers retreat six weeks into the first semester, fine — consider alternatives. Other Georgia school systems are requiring masks. The nation’s pediatricians are heavily recommending it. Want to keep kids and teachers in school this year? Here’s here to start.

A design up for consideration in 2019.


Valley to the downtown Rome “gateways.” When is enough enough in downtown Rome? There comes a point when Broad Street’s quaint look (in most blocks) gets compromised by too much clutter. Those crosswalk signs are bad enough (we certainly endorse safety but those yellow-and-black signs hurt our eyes). It is pretty easy to know you’ve arrived in downtown Rome without “gateways.” If you have money to burn, why not use those funds to improve the look of the settings along the roads leading to downtown?


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