Business: River District’s streetscape, downtown ‘gateway’ signs take next steps as ‘requests for qualifications’ sought.

Business: River District’s streetscape, downtown ‘gateway’ signs take next steps as ‘requests for qualifications’ sought.

This drawing shows the parts of the River District to be included in the streetscape — B, which includes Fifth Avenue from the bridge to West Third; C, which continues toward Turner McCall and jets onto Avenue A; and D, which is West Third to Second Avenue. A was the bridge which has since been eliminated from the propsal as it is county, not city, “property.”
Two projects intended to enhance downtown Rome are progressing as the city is seeking “qualifications” for the River District streetscape as well as plans to add “gateway” signage at two spots. Quick deadlines for submissions are in place.
Voters approved $2 million for the streetscape in the November 2017 special tax package. The Downtown Development Authority has been discussing the gateway for more than two years.
Here’s the latest:
River District Streetscape: Click here for the breakout
Listed price range on construction website: $750,000 to $1 million.
At this time, Sections “B”, “C”, and “D” on the concept drawing remain as constructed probably back in
the 1950’s with the exception of a portion of the east side of North 5th Avenue between Bale Street and
Avenue “A” which was upgraded to the Streetscape Design in the 1990’s, and a section of newly
constructed streetscape in the 400 block of West 3rd Street on the north side of the roadway which shall
This section also has underground conduit in-place for the installation of underground power.
This project is intended to provide as much parking as possible while also providing a Streetscape
Design similar to that of Broad Street. Said design shall include but not be limited to period lighting,
street trees, push-outs, benches, a cross walk with a HAWK signal at the north end of the 5th Avenue
Bridge and a new traffic signal at the intersection of North 5th Avenue and West 3rd Street.
An integral part of this project will be the relocation of all overhead utilities to underground. Coordination
with Georgia Power, AT&T, Comcast, Parker Fibernet and the City of Rome as well as any other
utility companies with existing utilities in the District will be required. At this time, the City of
Rome Water and Sewer Division has begun upgrading their water system in the District as part of
an ARC grant awarded to the City of Rome in 2019. Design Plans as well as As-Constructed Plans for
that project will be provided as they become available to be included in the Engineering Design for the
District Plans for informational purposes.
The existing storm drainage system within the District is currently functional and we do not foresee any major modifications to that system other than the
connection of new structures as required to support the design

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Note: The above options are all from a Downtown Development Authority meeting in July 2019 and likely have gone through additional committee review. But they give you a feel for what’s being discussed at two sites in the downtown neighborhoods.

Downtown Gateway signage. Please click here for the breakout.

Listed price range on construction website: $200,000 to $300,000.

The City of Rome is requesting proposals from qualified firms for the planning, design, and phased
installation of gateway signage in the downtown community. The signage should present a consistent
image and sense of place to local residents and visitors alike. The goals of this program are:
1. Develop a design concept and guidelines for signage that can be applied across different scales
and mediums.
2. Develop a cost estimate and phased plan for implementing the recommended gateway
Two primary sites have already been identified:
a. 600 Block of Broad Street
b. 5th Avenue Bridge

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