Business: Eleven Gifts, celebrating 10 years, has gone from storefront to online and now to the mall.

Business: Eleven Gifts, celebrating 10 years, has gone from storefront to online and now to the mall.

Sarah Taylor is celebrating 10 years of Eleven Gifts — a milestone when you look at the challenges of any small business and then a few turns along the way.
Exactly a decade ago, Sarah Taylor and family took a chance. They set up Eleven Gifts on East Seventh Street, just off Turner McCall and across from St. Mary’s Catholic School. They offered “a fun and unique small business to get gifts and every day items for the whole family, ages 0 to 100.” Perhaps there was some “strategery” involved, opening across from a school in easy reach for parents and grandparents, especially during afternoon carline.
Whatever the intent, it worked for seven years until Taylor decided to take it another route. Using a website, she focused on house parties, gift shows, even corporate gifts. The shop was one of the early businesses to move from brick-and-mortar to online.
But not for long. Taylor won a spot to establish a pop-up shot at Mount Berry Mall for last Christmas’s shopping season. “Having a store to interact with the customers as well as being able to merchandise the products was greatly missed so this turned out to be an awesome opportunity,” she says.
So in January, she signed an ongoing lease and made Eleven Gifts part of the mall’s retail offerings. You’ll be challenged to find a business that has followed that route — store to online to store again.
Even more curious, Taylor has walked away from the digital side of retailing. It is just her, her shop and her customers.
What hasn’t changed? “For 10 years, it has represented great toy companies such as Melissa and Doug as well as amazing home decor companies such as Park Hill and Colonial Tin Works. Over 25 wholesale companies are represented and five to 10 local artists have consistently been a part of this shop. Kayla Milliken has been painting her amazing clock towers among other various special orders for Eleven Gifts since soon after they opened up.”
She’s celebrating by offering 11% off on May 6 sales, followed by:
  • Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7 with 22% off of one item (please bring ID).
  • May 8, “we will honor moms with a special treat.”

Adds Taylor, “Thank you to all past and current customers for an amazing 10 years!”

About Eleven Gifts:

  • Address: Mount Berry Mall, near the main entrance just past Cato before the food court.
  • Hours: 11 a.m. until 6 or 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Sundays: 12:30-5 p.m.
  • Online: These days, none: web or social media.
  • Phone: Text Sarah Taylor at 404-434-1241.
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