Business: Rome Cinemas on Shorter Avenue is on the market for $1.55 million.

Business: Rome Cinemas on Shorter Avenue is on the market for $1.55 million.

For nearly four decades, it was home to some of the latest Hollywood releases. But now, 13 months into the pandemic, Rome Cinemas at 2535 Shorter Ave. is on the market for $1.55 million.

With 28,585 square feet under roof and a generous 8.34 acres with more than 280 parking spots, the quadplex offers options. The listing touts commercial zoning with future options including retail, church, food, storage, perhaps even housing. The only condition: no more movies.The building is being sold without furniture, fixtures or other equipment.

It was part of Dr. Gary L. Smith’s┬áthree theaters in Greater Rome — the Movies at Berry Square, Village Theatres on Turner McCall and Rome Cinemas on Shorter. Village Theatres closed after a final push as MB’s — a great idea with food and beverage. It gave way to Aldi’s, since expanded, with several adjoining shops.

The theater on the outparcel at Mount Berry Mall remains in business. The local market change dramatically when the 12 theaters opened on Tennessee Street in Cartersville and even complexes in Paulding and Acworth drew local audiences as well.

Last spring, theaters around the globe were closed as coronavirus spread. Today, some are reopening with smaller capacity because of social distancing and other health safeguards. The movie companies have responded as well, either pushing potential summer blockbusters further down the calendar — hoping for their own happy ending — or releasing films both to small theater audiences as well as on streaming services (think Wonder Woman 1984).

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