Health: Redmond Outpatient Rehab Center offers a program to help former COVID patients recover from legacy breathing, other issues.

Health: Redmond Outpatient Rehab Center offers a program to help former COVID patients recover from legacy breathing, other issues.

Matt Hill COTA applies an oxygen monitor prior to beginning patient exercise.


The numbers are stunning: More than 33,200 Northwest Georgians have tested positive for COVID since March 2020. More than 700 have died either from the virus or from something where COVID was identified as a probable cause.

The others, across all ages, have recovered — but are the fully back? Months after their original diagnosis, some in our community still talk about surprising fatigue or memory fog. A veteran local banker shares one moment where he couldn’t recall the word he wanted to use during a civic club presentation and how he kept defaulting to another word that had nothing to do with the conversation. This was after six days of hospital care and then at-home recovery.

Many others are back at full speed but there are those who still aren’t 80%, much less 100%. That’s why this item from Redmond Regional Medical Center got our attention. It reads as follows:

Redmond Outpatient Rehab Center has launched a new program to help individuals struggling to bounce back after battling COVID-19. This new research-based program is specifically designed to help those who are struggling to regain their prior level of functioning because of weakness and/or difficulty breathing after otherwise recovering from COVID 19.

A team of dedicated, licensed therapists at Redmond Outpatient Rehab completed extensive literature research to develop this comprehensive program. The well-balanced rehabilitation program includes a variety of basic components including closely monitored exercise, upper and lower body strengthening, breathing exercises, and balance training as needed. While the overall program has been developed with specific parameters for rehabilitation after COVID 19, each program pathway is individually tailored to the specific needs of each patient, all under the direct guidance and one-on-one instruction of a licensed therapist.

With support from local physicians, the team at Redmond Outpatient Rehab is already treating residents through this new program and seeing these individuals make significant improvements in their functional abilities.

Entry into the program does require a physician referral. To be considered for the program, individuals must be candidates for general outpatient rehab such as being able to safely get in and out of their home, car and the clinic. Additionally, candidates must meet basic inclusion criteria regarding fever-free and at least 10 -20 days from onset of COVID 19, as well as meet parameters for resting oxygen levels, breathing rate heart rate, and blood pressure.

For more: Rome 706 -36-1911 or Cedartown 770 -49-8561 or click here.

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