With nearly 20 positions available, Floyd County’s Public Safety divisions are looking to recruit much needed help with first ever Job Expo next Saturday.

With nearly 20 positions available, Floyd County’s Public Safety divisions are looking to recruit much needed help with first ever Job Expo next Saturday.

By Natalie Simms

With increasing difficulty in hiring and retaining quality personnel within the public safety profession, Floyd County divisions are teaming up to reach potential job applicants. With nearly 20 open positions, representatives from the Floyd County Police, Sheriff’s Office, E-911, Prison and Animal Control offices are hosting the first ever Public Safety Job Expo next Saturday, April 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Thornton Recreation Center, 102 N. Floyd Park Road.

“There is always that population of folks that wants to be a public servant and help the community, no matter what…they want to step up and serve others,” says Sgt. Chris Fincher with FCPD, who is also helping to organize the event.

“I’m part of that group…I wanted to serve others…that is why I wanted to be a police officer. And often times, we meet folks who want to serve, but they don’t know how to go about it. This (expo) is a way for us to talk about our division and the various careers in public safety.”


Sheriff Dave Roberson hope this event will help him fill some of the 9 vacant jail officer positions.

“Over the past years, it has been difficult to hire and retain quality personnel within the public safety profession. This has been an issue for every agency not just at the Sheriff’s Office,” he says. “Our agency wants the opportunity to speak with employee candidates one-on-one to discuss any questions they may have regarding what our agency can offer them.

“The Sheriff’s Office is different from the other local public safety agencies by which we can hire at 18 years of age for vacant jail officer positions. This is a good entry level position and training ground for anyone this age who may want to start a career in law enforcement.”

Roberson himself started as a Floyd County Jail officer in 1995 and has worked his way up the ranks within the agency.

“Our agency is always looking for professional and quality employees that want to make a difference regardless of age,” he says. “We plan to have deputies from each division on hand at the event to discuss our duties. I plan to be at the event as well.

“I am very encouraged that the Floyd County Government views the importance of this event and I am hopeful to continue to do these job fairs here in Rome and Floyd County.”

Fincher says now is the perfect time to reach potential job candidates with high school and college graduations coming soon. Along with the Sheriff’s Office, Floyd E-911 will also hire qualified candidates starting at 18 years old.

“You can start your career in public service at 18 (years old) working at 911 or the jail and then later transfer to the Police Department or another agency and you will keep all the same benefits you have accrued so far,” says Fincher.

“There are a number of great benefits. We will have members from Human Resources on hand as well to answer questions. We will have computers set up for folks to go ahead an apply. And even if someone has already applied, they can come out as well to talk to us.

“We will have answers for all your questions about public safety careers. Floyd County is big enough that we have a lot to offer for a variety of interests…we can find a place for you in public safety.”

Check out www.romefloyd.com/jobs for available positions including 911 dispatchers, jail officers, corrections officer, patrol officer, animal control officer and deputy sheriff.

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