Updated: Police charge Model Middle student, 13, with four counts after replica semi-automatic handgun brought to school on Friday.

Updated: Police charge Model Middle student, 13, with four counts after replica semi-automatic handgun brought to school on Friday.

The Model schools community with Model Middle in the lower right. From Google Maps.
Media releaseL Floyd County Police have charged a Model Middle School student with a weapons offense after finding a replica pistol on the child. The investigation occurred before the start of class and there is no indication that students were in danger.
The 13-year-old has been charged with disruption of a public school, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime and two counts of possession of a weapon in a school safety zone. The student was released to the custody of parents with a pretrial supervision plan.
School officials received information overnight that the seventh grader had been in possession of a firearm at school earlier in the week. The student was pulled aside Friday morning for questioning about the information, and during the course of that investigation, police found the replica pistol in the pants pocket of the child. The miniature replica was non-functioning as a firearm and had an obstructed barrel.
A letter opener was also found and identified as a weapon.
There was no indication the child was bringing the gun to school on Friday. The stop by administrators was a follow up on information from one source. Police and school administrators depend on confidential information like this to maintain safety in schools and continue to encourage students and parents to notify schools and police about suspicious activity.



Model Middle School, Floyd County Schools and the Floyd County Police Department are investigating a case where a seventh-grader brought a replica semi-automatic handgun to the campus on Friday morning. The police department confirms it responded to the school on today and adds that the item was a “toy replica.”

The following note from Principal Jill Thacker was shared by Model parents. The school system says the note contains the details of the incident and has no additional comment.

“This is Jill Thacker, principal at Model Middle School. Working in partnership with parents and our community to provide open communication and ensure the safety of all students, we wanted to inform you of an event that occurred this morning at Model Middle School. We received a report that a seventh grade student brought a small non-functioning replica of a semi-automatic handgun to school. Administrators and the School Resource Officer took immediate action. Together we acted promptly to confiscate the weapon and begin disciplinary action.

It is Floyd County Board of Education policy that any student who brings a weapon on school property or to a school sponsored event will face disciplinary consequences. Providing a safe and secure learning environment is of top priority to Floyd County Schools and we take these incidents very seriously. Extensive security measures are in place to help us maintain a safe campus.

As parents and stakeholders, you can help. Please take this opportunity to speak to students about the importance of school safety. While peer pressure is great at this age, we want to encourage students to feel comfortable reporting any information they may have that compromises their safety and the safety of others. Working together we can maintain an environment where students are free to focus on learning.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any concerns.

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