Buzz: One Community United Zoom meeting Thursday. Work due on Old River Road. Reminder: Rome Redevelopment Committee meets tonight at 6 to discussing Riverside/Celanese annexation proposal.

Buzz: One Community United Zoom meeting Thursday. Work due on Old River Road. Reminder: Rome Redevelopment Committee meets tonight at 6 to discussing Riverside/Celanese annexation proposal.

#LetsZoom at 7 p.m. Register in advance for this meeting:… After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

From Floyd County Public Works: “We will be doing road work on Old River Road in the 400 block near the boat ramp this week. One lane will be closed in the work area so expect slight delays from today until Feb. 18 at 4:30 p.m.”


Tuesday: The Rome Floyd County Development Authority will meet at 10 a.m. in the boardroom at 800 Broad St., Suite 102.

Tuesday: The Rome Redevelopment Committee will hold a called meeting on at 6 p.m. in the Rome City Auditorium for purposes of discussing the possible annexation of the Riverside/Celanese Community.  This will be a hybrid, in-person/zoom/Facebook live meeting.  In-person participants will be required to socially distance and wear a face covering.

From the minutes of the Jan. 27 redevelopment meeting:

Chairperson Davis began the discussion with a reminder that annexation is still under discussion and no decision has been made to annex any property at this time. She mentioned that the spreadsheet was available to use for any individual homeowner to see the cost or savings for their property if they were to annex into the city. Sammy Rich noted that Kelley Parker is available to run these numbers for anyone that would like to contact her with their address and property information. The group discussed several
dates to possible hold a community conversation with the residents of Celanese and the possibility of having a hybrid Zoom/in-person meeting at the City Auditorium. It was mentioned that there is a community meeting already scheduled by the residents of Celanese and Davis mentioned that she was aware of the large number of yard signs in opposition to annexing Celanese but reiterated that this was not a “done deal” but an opportunity to have a necessary conversation. Mayor Craig McDaniel added that he knew of the alarm in the Floyd County School System because of the closing of other county schools unrelated to the discussion of annexation of this county property into the city. He stated that it was not the will of the Rome City Commission to be aggressive but to inform the residents of the benefits of annexation and how it could affect the homeowners. Davis stated that she wanted her recently purchased rental property in the Celanese neighborhood to be annexed into the city but that it is not part of this annexation. Her property is around the “edge” which is adjacent to city property where owners can request to be annexed into the city. Davis also reminded all that if there is a choice to annex, children may stay in the county schools without fees or penalties and would not be forced to attend city schools. Commissioner Quick added that all facts need to be presented and that everyone involved should have the opportunity to go through the educational process so that they can be shown the benefits, the services and any costs that would be incurred.

Ron Swinford, a resident of the Riverside community who has an additional 8 rental houses in the area, stated that the annexation of his 9 properties would put him out of business. He stated that Celanese residents had already met with members of the FC School Board and that they were highly against annexation because of the loss of money their system would incur. He mentioned that although families would have the choice to keep their children in the county schools, there would be no bus service provided to get these children to the schools. He stated that the Celanese residents will meet Thursday the 28th and would be starting a petition to stop any annexation of their neighborhood. He stated that he is willing to listen but would not change his opinion. Davis suggested that Mr. Swinford let the residents know that they can contact Kelley to have their individual properties analyzed as well as his own properties to see how they would be affected (cost/savings). She assured him that it is not the intent of the Rome City Commission to put anyone out of business.

Wednesday: The Gordon Floyd joint Development Authority is scheduled to meet at 2 p.m.  at the office of the Rome Floyd County Development Authority, 800 Broad St.

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