Around Rome: More background on the Forrest monument removal.  Doug’s Deli Downtown expanding hours.

Around Rome: More background on the Forrest monument removal. Doug’s Deli Downtown expanding hours.


A bit more background on the Forrest Monument’s removal. The project of removing it from Myrtle Hill at the corner of South Broad and Myrtle was completed Friday morning. The removal came four days after the City Commission sought an update following a July vote to relocate it. Here’s a look at the discussion from the commission meeting:

Commissioner Wendy Davis inquired concerning action approved by the Rome City Commission on
July 13, 2020, regarding the General Forrest Monument. The Forrest Monument has been on
public display for 112 years with the last 68 of those being in the Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

A resolution was adopted on July 13, 2020, calling for the statue to be removed. As of yet, no
action on this matter has been taken. Attorney Andy Davis reminded the commission that the action
was subject to engineering and other necessary studies. Among the concerns is a question
regarding the legality of this directive based on the current State of Georgia Law.

There was also some discussion regarding two other actions authorized at the July 13, 2020,
meeting. An Interpretation Advisory Committee was authorized. This committee’s one
assignment is to write the full interpretive history of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. This
committee is to be comprised of six city of Rome residents – three of whom hold pro-Forrest
sentiment and three that hold anti-Forrest sentiment. Once appointed, these six appointed
members are to select a seventh neutral person to chair and direct this committee with their
assignment. This committee has 180 days to complete their assignment after they are formed.

A Monument’s Advisory Committee was also authorized at this time. This committee is to be
more permanent in nature and is designed to explore, enact, and suggests locations for
monuments and markers to remember the historical significance, contributions, and great deeds
of all people of the City, State, region, and nation. A presentation regarding landmarking was
made at the last City Commission retreat. Landmarking could be a method of accomplishing the
objectives of the Monuments Advisory Committee and more.

Neither of these two committees has been appointed at this time. Commissioner Jamie Doss stated
there has been considerable conversations concerning both committees; however, there was
minimal public response to the Interpretation Advisory Committee.

After considerable discussion concerning these topics, the Commission restated their desire to
move on all of the July 13th actions as soon as possible.

Doug’s Deli Downtown expands hours, early and late: The popular dine-in, drive-through or carryout restaurant at 606 Broad St. has expanded hours — on both ends. Doug’s is now open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. That makes that Doug’s Supper Club pickup a little less stressful in the evenings (we had a hard time hitting 5:30, at least). Julianne says a new breakfast menu also is available.

The update comes at a time when the restaurant business is expanding in Rome, especially with additional offerings at East Bend and more on the way.

Doug’s has been open since July 2015. For more: Website.

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