Remembering one of Rome’s most generous hearts, Mr. Gordon Leiter.

Remembering one of Rome’s most generous hearts, Mr. Gordon Leiter.

Almost a year ago, Rome was preparing to honor perhaps the man possessing the most generous heart of all, Gordon Leiter.

He had been named the Board of Governors award winner for the 2020 Heart of the Community with the formal ceremony set for February. You can see why by reading his “nomination” below.

Gordon passed away overnight Sunday, according to friends and Rome First United Methodist Church. It was at the sanctuary that we last saw Gordon, he on his way to a church meeting and then perhaps sticking his head into the latest meeting of One Community United in the Wilder Center. Knowing Gordon, he likewise was multitasking, preparing to help other seniors with their taxes as he did every winter and early spring.

We’ll have updates on services later today.



A Rome resident since 1966, Gordon Leiter set about giving his time to volunteer with many organizations and charities in the Rome community.  Over the next 33 years, his presence and contributions were well known. This led to his being nominated and selected for a Heart of the Community award in 1999.

His volunteering did not end there as he has continued his previous good deeds and added others for many years of community involvement. Community Involvement has included:

*Member of Rome Little Theatre Group since 1967
*Volunteer with Floyd Medical/Heyman Hospice Care since 1992
*Tax Counselor. Training Instructor Technical Coordinator for AARP tax assistance  25 years
*Rome Area History Museum Board and Treasurer
*Member of Rome First Methodist Church for 53 years
*Volunteer for Meals on Wheels for 25 years
* Member of American Red Cross  Disaster Relief Team 2000-2015
*Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
*Member of National Creative Society
* Member of Rome symphony since 1999
*Volunteer mentor for Rome Middle School “Habitudes” program

Prior to her death in 2016 , Gordon had been married to his wife, Peggy,  for 64 years.  He is the father of three children, 14 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren

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