Rant of the day: Why we’re ‘opting out,’ too — from covering those refusing to confront a killer.

Rant of the day: Why we’re ‘opting out,’ too — from covering those refusing to confront a killer.

Today’s Rant: Just saying no to those refusing to fight the pandemic. We saw a longtime Floyd County Republican Party┬ámember and a colleague crossing Broad Street on Saturday as they carried free signs for any retailer or restaurant choosing to let the community know they were opting out of Rome’s face-covering requirements. They were maskless, of course, as were perhaps 20 to 25 percent of those out Christmas shopping in downtown Rome.

We (masks on) likewise picked a few shops to visit, checking the Rome Ga Safe Pledge first to see which stores were all in when it comes to helping stop the spread of a killer.

Why is that important? One Floyd County resident has died from the virus each day this month (91 more since our first victim passed away nine months ago Tuesday). Positive test results are soaring. The reports from our schools are alarming, especially as indoor sports begin. And yet we’re seeing expanded political push back. As the city of Rome again tries to stop the spread, the county urges residents to follow CDC guidelines — and yet refuses to consider a mask mandate. Look how well that has worked both here and around the state.

As for the push by the healthcare community and the city: We counted nearly 50 “pledges” as of Sunday — but there are one or two “asterisks” in our personal count given their owners’ anti-mask rants elsewhere.

That said, we’ve decided to opt out as well — from specific coverage, that is. News is news and we’ll never tamper with that. But the second-tier stuff stuff — from “events” to empty public service announcements — they’re getting the golden delete button.

We stand with our healthcare community in putting the lives of our residents first.


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