COVID on campus: Rome Schools all virtual today through at least Nov. 6. Now 618 students, faculty/staff in quarantine. Floyd: 243 in quarantine, up 29; 12 new positive cases. Bartow: 4th school shifts to yellow phase. Cartersville: 4 CHS students positive; 68 students quarantined.

COVID on campus: Rome Schools all virtual today through at least Nov. 6. Now 618 students, faculty/staff in quarantine. Floyd: 243 in quarantine, up 29; 12 new positive cases. Bartow: 4th school shifts to yellow phase. Cartersville: 4 CHS students positive; 68 students quarantined.


Rome City Schools will go virtual starting Wednesday through Nov. 6. (Click here for Spanish)

The media release: At the direction of Superintendent Louis Byars, all Rome City Schools will transition from in-person learning to virtual learning on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 through Friday, November 6, 2020 due to several schools showing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. RCS currently has over 600 students, faculty and staff members in quarantine due to possible exposure or positive test results. Return date to in-person learning is subject to the number of cases meeting the requirements of the RCS Decision Matrix.

Students will receive Wednesday’s assignments to complete from home before leaving school on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. Live sessions with the student’s teacher, virtual classes, will begin on Thursday, October 29. Monday, November 2nd is scheduled for parent/teacher conferences and flexible learning. All conferences will be virtual, and no online classes will be live on this day.
Students will be issued a Chromebook. RCS is diligently working on distributing these devices to students and will be providing updates regarding internet access as soon as the information becomes available.
Rome City Schools will continue to offer Virtual Online Live Tutoring (VOLT), a program offered by RCS and started this September by the system. VOLT is an online tutoring service designed to offer virtual students’ educational resources and help provide educational support to all students. For more information regarding VOLT, please contact your school’s administration.
We plan to continue with all extracurricular activities, and the system will provide transportation each day for those students who need it. If you have questions regarding practice schedules or event details, please contact your school’s athletic department.

Rome City Schools has made the decision to close in-person learning primarily due to staffing issues associated with mandatory quarantines, and these staffing issues do not affect extracurricular activities. As long as a student has not been in direct contact with any person who has exhibited symptoms associated with COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19, they will be allowed to continue their participation in all extracurricular activities.

Rome City Schools Nutrition will send home three days’ worth of meals today (Tuesday, October 27) to students. Meals for next week will be available for pickup on Friday, October 30, between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Meals will be available at all elementary schools, as well as at Rome High School. Students can pick-up meals at any school.
RCS safety protocols, in partnership with the Department of Public Health for cleaning and sanitizing any affected areas, is in progress. We will continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations from the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control. The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff remains our number one priority.


Rome City Schools Current COVID-19 Cases/Quarantines
School/Location Sat 10/24-Mon 10/26
Students Staff
New Positive Cases Quarantined New Contacts Quarantined Overall Total in Quarantine New Positive Cases Quarantined New Contacts Quarantined Overall Total in Quarantine
Anna K. Davie 0 0 74 0 0 8
East Central 0 54 58 2 3 6
Elm Street 0 0 8 0 1 2
Main 0 9 85 0 0 17
West Central 0 0 62 0 0 7
West End 1 49 89 0 2 6
Rome Middle 0 2 34 1 0 5
Rome High 1 11 142 2 1 9
RTA/PLC/GLC 0 0 0 0 0 0
District Level 1 0 6
Totals 2 125 552 6 7 66


Rome City Schools report. Click here for the latest.

  • Oct. 24-26: 552 students in quarantine, up 110, 66 faculty/quarantined, up 10, at Rome City Schools through Monday. Together, that’s 618 students and staff, a record since school opened in August. Student quarantines include 142 at RHS, 89 at West End, 85 at Main, 62 at West Central and 58 at East Central. Staff quarantines: 17 at Main, 9 at RHS, 8 at Anna K. Davie and 6 at the district level as well as West Central. Positive tests: Two students, one each at Rome High and West End. Faculty/staff: 6 new cases including 2 at Rome High and 2 at East Central.
  • Oct. 23: 442 students, 56 faculty and staff quarantined at Rome City Schools as of Friday.  That’s 111 more students and eight more faculty staff since Thursday. Four more positive tests — for students, one each at Rome High, Rome Middle and West End; for faculty staff, one at West Central. Quarantined students: 144 at Rome High, 76 at Main Elementary, 74 at Anna K. Davie, 63 at West Central, 40 at West End and 33 Rome Middle. Quarantined faculty/staff: 18 at Main Elementary, nine at Anna K. Davie, and seven each at Rome High and West Central.
  • Oct. 22: 333 students, up 140 since Tuesday. Faculty/staff: 48; up 2. Six new positive tests — four at Main Elementary and one each at Rome High and Rome Middle for students. One new faculty/staff case, at Main. What’s changed: There are now 122 students quarantined from RHS, up from 106. At Main, the total jumped from 52 to 74, and at Anna K. Davie, from two to 74 in a day. 11 staffers at Anna K Davie also are quarantined.
  • Oct. 21: 193 students, up 96 since Tuesday. Faculty/staff: 46; up 20. Eight new positive tests — five at Rome High and one at Rome Middle for students as well as one faculty/staff each at Rome Middle and Main Elementary. No new cases among staff/faculty. Rome High saw  surge of student quarantines, from 61 to 106, while 15 faculty and staff were in quarantine at Main Elementary as well as seven at Rome High and five people on the district level.
  • Oct. 20: 97 students, up 35 since Monday. Faculty/staff: 26; no change. Two new positive tests — Rome High and Rome Middle — among students. No new cases among staff/faculty. Rome High has 61 students and six employees in quarantine.
  • Oct. 17-19: 62 students, down 5 from Friday.  Faculty/staff: 26; up 7. Seven new positive tests — Rome High (6) and one from Elm Street. 29 students in quarantine at Rome High with eight each at Rome Moddile, West End. 9 faculty at Rome High.
  • Oct. 13-16: Quarantines ranged from 47 to 67 students, and from 16 to 20 faculty and staff. 13 new positive tests overall..
  • Sept. 29 through Oct. 12: Quarantines ranged from 175 to 222 students; from 15 to 32 staff and faculty. Total positive cases reported for the period. 4.
  • Aug. 19 through Sept. 28: Student quarantines ranged from 138 to to 348 (Aug. 25). Faculty/staff quarantines ranged from 16 to 35 (Aug. 25).


Floyd County Schools report: Click here for the latest

  • Oct. 27: 243 quarantined overall, up 29 from Monday. Pepperell Elementary had 38 in quarantine followed by Coosa High at 34, Model Elementary at 27 and Armuchee High at 24. New positive tests: 12. That includes 3 at Coosa High, 2 at Model Elementary and 1 each at seven other schools.
  • Oct. 26: 214 quarantined overall. Pepperell Elementary has the most at 36 (5 on Friday) followed by Coosa High at 33 and Armuchee High at 27. Since Wednesday, the county has not listed any additional positive COVID tests.
  • Oct. 23: 146 quarantined. Coosa High has the most at 24 followed by Armuchee High at 21.
  • Oct. 22: 131 quarantined overall following fall break. Amurchee High has the most at 21 followed by Armuchee Middle at 18 and Model High at 17.
  • Oct, 12-16: fall break.
  • Oct. 9: 490 overall quarantines, up 28 since Thursday and a record so far for Floyd County Schools. Four new positive cases, two at Model High and two at Johnson Elementary.
  • Sept. 30 through Oct. 8: Quarantines ranged from 298 to 462. Total positive cases reported for the period: 19.
  • Sept. 10 through Sept. 29: Quarantines ranged from 260 to 473 (Sept. 18).


  • Tuesday: Cartersville City Schools was notified that two Cartersville High students tested positive. Following the contact tracing procedure, 27 students will quarantine at home. Monday: CCS was notified that two high school students tested positive. Following the contact tracing procedure, 41 students will quarantine at home.
  • Kingston Elementary School moved from a green phase to a yellow phase in Bartow County, the fourth school to do so in recent weeks. Says the county: The decision is “based on current COVID-19 data tracked hour-by-hour through the Bartow County School System and Department of Public Health. Five current COVID-19 positive cases have been identified out of approximately 465 in-person students and staff. As a result of this change, lunchroom procedures will be modified, teachers will change classrooms instead of students, extracurricular activities will be suspended, and no visitors will be allowed beyond the front office at Kingston Elementary School. Changes will remain in effect until the next grading period, November 11, 2020.
  • Also in yellow: White Elementary with seven current COVID-19 positive cases, which affects 1.19 percent of the in-person school population, as well as Woodland High and Cass MiddleBartow
  • Gordon County Schools two schools under hybrid instructional model, Gordon Central High School (7 positives)  and Sonoraville High SchoolExpanded report.



Berry College: The following information comes from Berry College’s coronavirus resource page. Last update: Oct. 22.

  • Oct. 1-26:  41 students test positive, 6 employees, 1 WinShape employee.
  • September: 102 students test positive, 3 employees, 1 WinShape employee.
  • August: 9 students test positive, 6 employees, 2 WinShape employees, 1 Aramark employee.

Background: A closer look at what Berry is doing to keep students, faculty, staff safe. Click Berry


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