Politics: Poll from Van Ausdal campaign shows Greene in the lead — but below traditional GOP high water marks. Earlier: Greene’s third social media showdown.

Politics: Poll from Van Ausdal campaign shows Greene in the lead — but below traditional GOP high water marks. Earlier: Greene’s third social media showdown.


Van Ausdal campaign posts poll results in 14th Congressional District race: An interesting release Wednesday from Democratic House hopeful Kevin Van Ausdal’s campaign. It is about a campaign-commissioned internal poll — i.e., keep a grain of salt handy — but so far at least, it hasn’t drawn a response from Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign (we asked for one and nothing on social media).

At issue isn’t so much as how Greene polls vs. Van Ausdal — she holds a lead per the poll — but it is the percentage of support for her vs. Trump or other Republicans. (As shown below, Trump was at 60 percent).

“No Republican has ever fallen below 72% in the Georgia 14th but Marjorie can’t get out of the 50s. In August, Kevin Van Ausdal polled at 40% for the first time ever for a Democrat in the district. These results mean Greene has lost Trump voters, where Kevin has picked them up and currently outperforms Vice President Joe Biden in the district,” the statement reads.

The details about the poll: 635 registered voters in the 14th District taken over five days, from Aug. 15-19.  Note the dates — the Republican runoff Greene won vs. John Cowan was over Aug. 11. The poll was both landline and cell numbers with 25% Democrats and 73% Republicans and conservative Independents. Those responding were: 51% female, 49% male; 84% White, 8% Hispanic/Latino,7% Black. Ages: Mostly 30 and over (10 percent of those polled were 18 through 30).

Presidential results:

  • Donald Trump: 60%
  • Joe Biden: 36%
  • Undecided: 4%

GA-14 results:

  • Marjorie Greene: 57%
  • Kevin Van Ausdal: 40%
  • Undecided: 3%



Republican House hopeful Marjorie Taylor Greene turned to Facebook on Tuesday after “Twitter suspended me today for 12 hours …” Here’s the Tweet, or what’s left of it, as it appears to have been removed:

The state Department of Public Health shows two child deaths from coronavirus, males ages 7 and 1 years old. Both were Black. Three teens have died, ages 14, 15 and 17; two boys, one girl; two white, one black. State deaths.

Democratic House hopeful Kevin Van Ausdal’s response to Tuesday’s developments:
Today, Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked health officials, school leaders, parents and teachers who have stressed the need for children to wear masks in school. Greene spread dangerously untrue rhetoric about how masks cause “psychological damage” to children and demanded an end to masking protocols.
Greene went even further, stating that masks were especially dangerous for little boys as they are “emasculating.” Greene tied mask-wearing with “Dem Socialism and shut downs.”
It is ridiculous that we even have to talk about this in a campaign for the United States Congress, especially here in Northwest Georgia where multiple school districts have had to cease in-person instruction due to COVID outbreaks among students.
“Marjorie Greene is being irresponsible and dangerous again,” said Kevin Van Ausdal, Marjorie’s Democratic opponent. “Paulding County Schools, Floyd County Schools – throughout the district kids, teachers, families have gotten sick and we have to ask does Marjorie even know what is happening here or does she just not care?”
From the start of the campaign, Greene has refused to take precautions recommended by the CDC and the Trump Administration Coronavirus Task Force.
Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has said that just “four to six weeks” of all Americans wearing a mask would
“drive this epidemic to the ground.”
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