As high school football season returns, a look at what area school systems are doing to keep fans safe.

As high school football season returns, a look at what area school systems are doing to keep fans safe.

Truett’s Chick-fil-A Sports

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Mount Berry Mall, 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m. (curbside, carryout, Door Dash). Shipping Container, 6 a.m.-10 p.m. All Monday-Saturday.

Floyd County Schools updates football stadium safety protocols: Three county high schools open the season on the road this Friday night while Coosa is idle. Here’s what to expect when home games begin…

Effective Monday, Floyd County Schools says “all spectators and volunteers are required to wear a mask or face covering in the stadium” for high school and middle school football games. Additional updates are as follows, based on a Tuesday media release from the school system:


  • Tickets can be purchased at the gate on game day through cash transactions. Please check individual school websites and social media regarding any presale opportunities.
  • Floor markings will allow spectators to form a socially distanced line for concession stands.
  • Ticket takers must wear masks and gloves.


  • Families are strongly recommended to sit together. All children are expected to sit with their parents before and during the game. A parent/guardian is expected to accompany their child anytime they leave the bleacher area.
  • Children/students beneath the eighth grade age level will not be allowed to play/roam/wander during the game. No balls or other items of this nature will be allowed inside the stadium.
  • Student sections will be allowed with proper face coverings or masks.


The following safety measures will be taken as it relates to personal protective equipment:

  • Ticket takers and concession workers will wear masks and gloves. All other workers assigned to various duties (parking, seating, pass gates, etc.) will wear masks. Announcers in the press box should practice social distancing, and utilize a mask or face covering when practicable.
  • All spectators are required to wear a mask or face covering in the stadium.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the stadium.
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the facility to the fullest extent possible, including limiting field access in accordance with GHSA recommendations.
  • Floor markings will allow spectators to form a socially distanced line for restrooms, concessions, and ticketing.


  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout the facility.


  • Food will be packaged prior to sale and distribution.
  • Floor markings will allow spectators to form a socially distanced line for concession stands.
  • Servers must wear masks and gloves.


  • Access inside the fence and to the game field will be for authorized personnel only.
  • Parents and spectators will not be allowed on the field before, during, or after games.
  • As practicable, spectators should not crossover from one side to the other during games.


  • All restrooms will be disinfected prior to the stadium opening and after the game concludes. Custodial staff will be present for all games with the frequency of cleanings increased.


  • Please check individual school websites and social media regarding any alternative watching and listening opportunities.
  • Announcers will make multiple public service announcements regarding everyday prevention of COVID-19 throughout games.

Final note: Because of “the fluid situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, these guidelines are subject to change. We appreciate the continued support of Floyd County stakeholders in keeping the health and safety of our staff and students our top priority.”

Please see Rome High’s plan below.


Already delayed two weeks by the pandemic, the formal start of the 2020 high school football season is this Friday for most Northwest Georgia teams. It has been a cautious summer of conditioning and drills for the teams but it all comes to the turf at 7:30 p.m. Administrators, in most cases, have spent part of the summer adding extra precautions to protect fans as well.

But just how each school system is coping with coronavirus ranges from strict to passive.

Rome High School: What to expect at Barron Stadium. 

  • Entrance to the game will only be permitted if you are wearing a face covering and the only approved entrances will be at the stadium’s ticket booths. RCS has installed decals on the ground that mark the safe distance our visitors must observe while waiting in line to buy tickets. Ticket booth volunteers will be required to wear a mask and gloves during transactions. Fans may enter to the right of the ticket booth and follow the signage on the ground that direct the flow of traffic in the stadium.
  • Visitors will be asked to use the center tunnel of the stands to take their seats and use the two walkways on either side of the home stands to visit the concessions stands or to use the restroom.
  • Concessions will be open during the game. Only prepackaged snacks will be served on both the home and the visitors’ side of the stadium.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the stadium.
  • All restrooms will be sanitized at the middle of each quarter.
  • While enjoying the game from the stands, please practice physical distancing. Every other row will be available for seating, and seats that are not to be used will be marked with caution tape. It is important to note that RCS administrators reserve the right to limit capacity if physical distancing cannot be maintained during the game.
  • Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased using this link: Please be advised, seating capacity has been reduced to ensure physical distancing guidelines can be observed during the game. The option to purchase tickets will be available in-person at the ticket booth on the day of the game until the stadium reaches safe capacity numbers.
  • Cash on game day: If you wish to purchase tickets at the gate on game day, please be advised that volunteers will only take cash for the purchase of tickets.

Darlington sets guidelines for football and cheerleading: While off this Friday, here’s what the Tigers plan to do:

  • Attendance will be limited to 500 Darlington fans and 250 fans of the opposing team. No visiting bands.
  • Seats will be pre-sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each member of the football team, cheerleading squad and stadium band will have four reserved seats per game.
  • The bleachers will be marked for social distancing.
  • You may sit in family pods but social distancing will otherwise be required.
  • Face coverings will be required if you are not social distancing.
  • Visitors will be charged $5 for parking.
  • Limited concessions will be offered and all food will be pre-packaged.
  • No pre-game tailgates will be permitted.
  • Spectators and family members will not be allowed on the field after the game.
  • Middle School football will follow the high school guidelines with the exception of the following:
    • There will be no charge for parking.
    • Tickets will not be presold.
    • Admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for students for visiting teams.

Changes to Bartow County middle and high school football this fall:
  • All middle and high school football stadiums will be open at 60 percent capacity.
  • Do not enter if you had close contact with an individual infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Do not enter if you have had contact with an individual suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. Do not enter if you have experienced a fever, cough, or shortness of breath in the last 14 days. Do not enter if you have traveled to an area that is under a Level 2, 3, or 4 travel advisory by the U.S. State Department.
  • Masks or face coverings are strongly encouraged when social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • All Bartow County high schools will be offering ticket presales. Spectators are encouraged to purchase tickets early to ensure event admission. Contact your local school for specific ticket information.
  • Additionally, we ask that parents and spectators remain off the field at the end of the event.
  • We appreciate your support and adherence to these new protocols set forth to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community at all Bartow County sporting and extracurricular events. — Source: Bartow County Schools.

Cartersville Purple Hurricanes and 2020 football game protocols: What to know, courtesy of Darrell Demastus, CHS Athletic Director:

  • The concession stand will be offering pre-packaged items and drinks for sale.
  • Visitors will enter the stadium through the Church Street gate. Purple Hurricane fans will enter the stadium through the Tennessee Street and new Athletic Facility gates. Please abide by all signage in the stadium and in the bleacher sections.
  • Weinman Stadium will be open at 50 percent capacity. Each week of a home game, we will be selling 2,500 tickets. 500 tickets will be offered to the visiting team.
  • Parents of football, cheer, band, sports medicine and Canes Vision students will have the opportunity to purchase four (4) tickets per home game from Monday (on the week of the game) at 8 a.m. until Tuesday at 4 p.m. Coaches will share the link with parents and students will be given an access number that parents will use when purchasing tickets.
  • On Tuesday at 4:01 p.m., (on the week of the game), we will consolidate the unsold tickets. On Wednesday at 8 a.m., a link will be available to the public via the Cartersville High School Athletics website to purchase tickets. After the 2,500 tickets are sold, the stadium is sold out.
  • We are offering a new live streaming opportunity this season. The NFHS Network will host the Purple Hurricane games via live stream. The cost is $10.99 for a monthly pass or $69.99 for an annual pass. The link will be shared on the Cartersville High School Athletics website. In order to view games, you will need to create a login account and select Cartersville High School. We are excited to partner with NFHS because this allows us to live stream not only football but also basketball, soccer, track, wrestling, volleyball, and JV sports.



Rockmart High’s guidelines for the new season:

Calhoun High takes extra safety steps this fall. From the website:

Due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, athletic events and the fan experience will be
different for the 2020-2021 school year. All Calhoun City Schools departments, including Athletics, will
continue to follow guidance by state and local healthcare providers and governing bodies. We are
committed to doing everything possible to provide a safe, competitive athletic experience for our
student-athletes and a modified viewing opportunity for parents, families, and supporters. Please view the
information below regarding a return to sports for Calhoun City Schools.

Football Admissions

Entering a football game in the fall will look different than it has in the past. Social distancing protocols will
be observed from the time a fan enters the facility until the time they leave. Fans are encouraged to wear
masks during their time on campus when they are not able to social distance, especially as they travel to
and from their stadium seat. No paper tickets will be sold at the gate and all admissions will follow the
following protocols for varsity games only. JV, Freshmen, and Middle School games will continue to sell
paper tickets at the gate.

For home high school football games, crowd capacity will be limited to approximately 50% of normal
capacity. Season passes that guarantee admission to all regular season home varsity football games will
be made available before the season for specific groups of people. Individuals who purchase a season
pass will simply show their pass at the gate before all regular season home games and will not have to
purchase individual game tickets each week. Individuals who meet the criteria listed below will be
contacted by school personnel to provide options and details of how to obtain your pass.

Parents of 9-12 grade football players, band members, and cheerleaders will have the opportunity to
watch their children compete and participate. Each student participating in these groups will have the
opportunity to purchase 2 season passes for their family. Once these passes are purchased,
parents/family members may use these passes to enter all regular season home games. Only 2 season
passes per child will be available prior to the season.

Individuals who purchased reserved seating during the 2019 season will also have the opportunity to
purchase season passes for the 2020 season. These individuals will have the option to purchase the
same number of season passes as reserved seats they held during the 2019 season. We cannot
guarantee that reserved seating members will be able to sit in their same seat or area during the 2020
season but we are committed to providing an in-person viewing opportunity for these individuals. For
reserved seating members, the specific seats purchased during the 2019 season will be made available
for the 2021 season even if those individuals do not purchase season passes during the 2020 season

Trion High is rejecting any restrictions, telling fans that attending game is a choice, not a requirement. (Per radio station WZQZ).

Calhoun High’s first home game isn’t until Sept. 25.


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