Politics: Precinct workers, others to have protective gear for Nov. 3 vote. GOP convention ends tonight. Elections board meets at noon today.

Politics: Precinct workers, others to have protective gear for Nov. 3 vote. GOP convention ends tonight. Elections board meets at noon today.


PPE equipment en route for poll workers, elections officials: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is working with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to keep Georgia’s poll workers and elections officials safe from COVID-19. Raffensperger coordinated with county elections officials to request masks, face shields, gloves, and disinfecting wipes to protect both elections staff and voters in November. GEMA has agreed to fulfill the full request and will ship the requested PPE directly to county elections officials.

“In-person voting remains an important way for Georgia voters to access the ballot so I am doing whatever I can to make that experience safe and easy,” said Raffensperger. “I want to thank GEMA for their past and continued support of Georgia’s elections with much-needed personal protective equipment. This will enable our poll workers and local officials to provide safe and secure ballot access to the millions of in-person voters expected in November.”

A total of 153 counties are requesting more PPE through the Office of the Secretary of State and GEMA. Altogether, Georgia’ elections officials are requesting 180,000 masks, 46,700 face shields, 4,700 packages of gloves, and 10,100 boxes of disinfecting wipes.

Shortly after the request was made, GEMA officials said they would be able to fulfill the requests and would ship the requested PPE directly to county election officials for use on election day.

The PPE request comes on top of an order for 11,000 gallons of hand sanitizer that the Office of the Secretary of State placed earlier this year. The hand sanitizer will be distributed to the counties ahead of the November elections.

Earlier this year, GEMA provided 84,000 masks, 290,000 gloves, and hand sanitizer for county elections officials ahead of the June 9 election. The Office of the Secretary of State coordinated the order and distributed it to county elections officials.

In addition, before the June 9 elections, the Secretary of State’s office purchased and distributed 35,000 masks, hundreds of thousands of gloves, 27,500 bottles of hand-sanitizer, and 60,000 stylus pens for voters to use when they voted. The Secretary of State’s office also provided $3,000 dollar grants to Georgia’s counties to purchase additional PPE on their own.

On June 9, 810,000 Georgia voters went to the polls to cast their ballot. An additional 325,000 cast their ballots early and in-person during the state’s three weeks of early voting.

The Republican National Convention concludes tonight. The formal re-nomination of Donald J. Trump begins.  RNC2020

Today at noon: The Floyd County Board of Elections has set another called meeting. The meeting will immediately be closed to the public as the three members discuss personnel matters. The board met behind closed doors for more than 30 minutes on Tuesday but did not reach any conclusions.

Part of the one-page application. Please click the image to print an absentee application.

Some answers to the absentee ballot questions courtesy of the Secretary of State’s office:

  • When can you apply for the Nov. 3 election? Now. Applications are accepted 180 days (six months) before an election.
  • When will ballots start to be mailed? Sept. 15. If you’re among those who already have asked for an absentee ballot, you should be within the first wave being sent from the elections office that day.
  • When are ballots do back? The U.S. Postal Service recommends a 10-day turnaround time, from your mailing the ballot to it being received by the elections office. However, you can deliver absentee ballots to the elections office up until 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3. You likewise have until 7 p.m. Nov. 3 to drop your absentee ballot into an assigned drop box.
  • How to apply for an absentee ballot today: This form from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office is all you need. Click absentee ballot application

Another key date is Oct. 5. That’s the last day to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election if you’re a new or lapsed voter.

A look at what’s on the Nov. 3 ballot: 


  • Floyd County Commission, Post 2: Wright Bagby, R; Charles “Coach” Smith, D.
  • Floyd County Commission, Post 3; Allison Watters, R;  Shonna Bailey, Post 3,  D.
  • Clerk of Court: Barbara Penson, R; Moriah Medina, D.

State representatives:

  • District 12: Eddie Lumsden, R; Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey, D.
  • District 16: Trey Kelley, R; Lyndsay Arrendale, D.

State senate

  • District 14: Bruce Thompson,  R.; Travis Johnson, D.
  • District 31: Jason, Anavitarte, R;  Tianna Smith, D.
  • District 52: Chuck Hufstetler, R; Charles DeYoung, D.

Georgia Public Service Commission:

  • District 1: Robert G. Byrant, D; Jason Shaw, R.
  • District 4: Daniel Blackman, D; Lauren Bubba McDonald, Jr., R.

U.S. House (District 11):

  • Democrat: Dana Barrett; Republican Barry Loudermilk.

U.S. House (District 14):

  • Republican: Marjorie Taylor Greene; Democrat: Kevin Van Ausdal.

U.S. Senate:

  • Republican David Perdue; Democrat Jon Ossoff

U.S. Senate (Isakson term):

  • Democrats: Deborah Jackson, Jamesia James, Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Matt Lieberman, Joy Felicia Slade, Ed Tarver, Raphael Warnock, Richard Dien Winfield.
  • Republicans: Doug Collins, Derrick Grayson, Annette Davis Jackson, A. Wayne Johnson, Kelly Loeffler, Kandiss Taylor.


From the Secretary of State’s office: Includes key dates to remember now through election day on Nov. 3.

  • Sept. 15: Earliest day for a registrar to mail an absentee ballot for the November General Election and Special Election. Absentee ballots shall be mailed out as soon as possible prior to the General Election and Special Election Runoffs for Local and State Offices. Request a ballot.
  • Oct. 5: Last day a person may register and be eligible to vote in the November General Election and Special Election Runoff for Local and State Offices.
  • Oct. 12: Advanced In Person (Early) Voting begins for the November General Election and Special Election.
  • Oct. 24: Mandatory Saturday Voting for the November General Election and Special Election.
  • Oct. 30: Advance voting ends.
  • Nov. 3: Election Day, precincts open 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
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