Area hospitals report  they’re not at capacity as surge in coronavirus patients continues. What to know.

Area hospitals report they’re not at capacity as surge in coronavirus patients continues. What to know.

From the state: A census of hospital beds through Friday evening. Northwest Georgia is represented by zone C, in gray shade.


The current surge of coronavirus cases is stressing Georgia’s hospitals as shown in the above chart. So far, hospitals in Rome, Cartersville and Calhoun are doing OK even as their patient count increases.

Representatives from the healthcare centers cautioned that the COVID-19 patient census varies by the hour, much less each day, but report that each is in good shape. Also, most of their patients are from Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama; there has not been any significant increase in out-of-area patients (we’re aware of just one to date).

We checked with our four area hospitals on Friday afternoon to get a better look at how each was coping:

Floyd Medical Center¬†was “not near capacity,” say spokesman Dan Bevels. However, Floyd will begin moving COVID patients into the 20-bed mobile unit built in the main parking lot in order to allow more room for those being treated for coronavirus and to centralize treatment, he says. The move basically will allow five more “rooms” for COVID patients, Bevels adds. Floyd already has been using the extra space from the recently closed Kindred hospital and also has between 100 and 200 beds ready in the recently enclosed ground floor of the parking deck adjacent to the 330 Physicians Building if needed.

As of Friday evening, Floyd had 37 COVID patients and two awaiting test results.

Redmond Regional Medical Center has the bed capacity needed at this time, says spokeswoman Andrea Pitts. “Our COVID-19 preparedness efforts include reinforcing infection prevention protocols and guidance from the CDC, sourcing necessary supplies and equipment, and surging staff and ICU capacity so we are prepared to care for our patients and protect the health and well-being of our colleagues,” Pitts says. “Our hospital leaders are continually monitoring the situation closely to ensure we remain able to meet the needs of the communities we serve as the pandemic continues to evolve.”

Redmond had 29 patients as of Friday with two others awaiting results.

Cartersville Medical Center issued a statement similar to Redmond; both are members of the HCA healthcare group. Cartersville had 20 coronavirus patients as of Thursday.

Advent Health Gordon’s ICU ward is full; that includes 10 beds, says spokesman Garrett Nudd. He quickly adds that all those beds are not occupied by COVID patients. During a briefing with Gordon County’s coronavirus task force last week, Advent Health reported 20 percent of its patients had virus-related issues.

Advent Health Gordon had 23 patients and one awaiting test results on Friday.

Around Georgia: The state is reopening the Georgia World Congress Center for coronavirus patients starting Monday. In a media release, it was reported the center would be able to take up to 120 patients with mild to moderate cases.

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