Dining: Hiring begins at Chipotle in Rome. Soho Hibachi is back in West Rome — take-out only.

Dining: Hiring begins at Chipotle in Rome. Soho Hibachi is back in West Rome — take-out only.


That’s Chipotle just behind the new East Bend sign as seen from Turner McCall Boulevard on Sunday in this photo by Natalie Simms.

Hiring begins as Chipotle Mexican Grill gets closer in Rome: One of the first “help wanted” ads for the new restaurants and retailers due at East Bend in Rome is now online at Linked In. Chipotle seeks a service manager for the “coming soon” location off Turner McCall at Hicks Drive. The restaurant is due later this summer.

What to know: “The service manager is responsible for maintaining a positive customer experience by ensuring safe and quality food is prepared and served; and that the restaurant crew is well trained and provides good customer service. He/she maintains a clean, organized line with properly functioning line equipment. The responsibilities of this position require Service Managers to be on their feet working while clocked in, unless on break. If they are not busy, they are expected to evaluate what other tasks need to be completed, and assist others with those tasks.”  Interested? Click here.

Soho Hibachi returns — take-out only. How it works. Soho Hibachi at 1505 Shorter Ave. is a community favorite, primarily because of the quality food at a respectable price. So when it closed because of the pandemic, the alarm bells went out.
  • Soho returned in late June but with a caveat: Take-out only.  That news is spreading as Friday’s early lunch crowd showed. Customers were calling in orders and walking up to the dining room door to pay. You can’t get beyond that door; a barrier and serving window has been added. Rather than paying at the counter, you pick up your order there (cash or card).
  • How it works: Call the restaurant (706-237-7700) and place the order. Allow around 20 minutes. Pay at the door and get a handheld device that summons you when ready. Return to the window and pickup the neatly bagged order with soy sauce, utensils, a container and fortune cookie inside. The lunch specials remain around $6.80 per person.
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