Rant. Some changes to Hometown: Fewer rants and a new Facebook home. Plus today’s headlines.

Rant. Some changes to Hometown: Fewer rants and a new Facebook home. Plus today’s headlines.

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RANT OF THE DAY: A couple of tweaks to the Hometown community.

After today, Hometown Headlines is reducing the number of rants, newscasts and podcasts.

We have had a blast doing them. And we appreciate the hundreds of listeners and guests who followed us from radio to a new way of reaching Northwest Georgians. We especially thank Ryan Simmons and Todd LaBerge at Brand Red Studios for helping us along the way, mostly on the longer-form recordings.

Since June 2019, we’ve clocked around 350 episodes — primarily the daily version with some long-form editions as well. We estimate we have around 5,000 minutes archived out there in podcast land and they’ll stay there indefinitely.

And there will be more — two podcasts are on tap so far this month — but we’re easing up a bit as well. We enjoy broadcast journalism way too much to leave it.

As for Facebook changes: We’ve been looking at ways to better serve our readers and advertisers when it comes to Facebook. Too often, especially in recent months, many of the comments on our Hometown Facebook page have been toxic. There is no way to prevent it; we’ve tried. The best solution, it seemed, was to read each post and delete those with profanity or blatant medical errors that endanger others. Thanks but no thanks. We have no desire — and less time — to referee those battles.

So we’ve switched to a Facebook group page for Hometown Headlines; we’ll retire the current page as of Friday. All future updates will appear on the group page. Even better, we can turn off comments on any post that needs to be put into time out. Those who insist on commenting can share the post to their own pages and have at it. Just as long as we don’t have to read it or worry about libelous implications.

For those who visit our current Facebook page just to read the comments, well, we’ll let others in town handle that comedy show. It isn’t journalism and we have no interest in sustaining it. It has no real value, to be honest.

Overall, these changes enable us to focus more on our news websites — and maybe allow a little extra time to develop a few other ideas. Details on all that soon.

For now, thank you for listening — and for reading. We have plenty more on the way.

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