Rant: Call her madam congresswoman. News: Election hangover as we await final numbers; severe weather possible today. Virus updates.

Rant: Call her madam congresswoman. News: Election hangover as we await final numbers; severe weather possible today. Virus updates.

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Today’s top headlines:

  • Runoff for Greene, Cowan in U.S. House. Floyd to resume count later this morning. Roberson has big lead in sheriff’s race. Richardson, Dempsey win new terms.
  • Bartow: Absentee and provisional ballots have yet to be counted but the education SPLOST should pass. Big leads for Sheriff Clark Millsap, Coroner Joel Guyton.
  • Tight races for Board of Education
  • Plus Gordon and Polk results, which appear to be complete.
  • Latest coronavius updates from across Northwest Georgia, the state.
  • Petition to remove Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from Myrtle Hill at the entrance to South Rome signed by 3,000; meeting set for Friday to decide what’s next.
  • Ware Mechanical Weather Center: Storms possible this afternoon — as well as a heat index of 97.
  • Truett’s Chick-Fil-A Sports Report:. Major League Baseball draft starts tonight. Todd Gurley passes Atlanta Falcons’ physical.

RANT OF THE DAY: Make that Madam Congresswoman.

Technically, Marjorie Taylor Greene is two elections and around five months away from being the next person to represent Northwest Georgia in Congress. That’s a lot of days, especially in political years. But the only thing that can keep her from going to Washington, D.C., in January is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She entered the eight-person race to replace Tom Graves branded as a carpetbagger, an outsider who walked away from a Sixth District congressional race with a boat load of money and into the 14th District that wasn’t supposed to be a race. Graves’ December retirement announcement stunned the region and the party.

Greene was quick enough to realize her path to D.C. was much easier via a rented townhome in downtown Rome — and she never looked back. She immediately expanded her embrace of all things Trump. All those Second Amendment rallies? Yup. Those little blow-ups at restaurants and funerals and all? Yup.

We thought for sure Greene would have been slowed if not crippled by the shelter-at-home pandemic orders as they took her away from the “2A” rallies and other made-to-order crowds. Not at all. She found a different voice and amped up her social media. Even her rifle-totting piece calling out “Antifa” — an ad banned by Facebook — brought her new acclaim and even a national television audience on the eve of the primary.

She carried county after county in Northwest Georgia even though a year ago she called Alpharetta home. Before 2020, did she know the difference between Armuchee and Subligna? Doesn’t matter; voters in those communities and many others knew her when they cast their ballots.

She pumped hundred of thousands of dollars into her own campaign, all for a ringside seat at the circus we call Congress. Barring missteps on her part, perhaps on the level of Casey Cagle’s collapse two years ago, she’s about to ride first class into Ronald Reagan International Airport to raise her right hand.

Two men could stop her — fellow Republican Dr. John Cowan, a thoroughbred neurosurgeon who likewise calls himself a serial entrepreneur, and Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal in the Nov. 3 general election. Cowan stands a better chance but not by much.

For him to win, he’ll have to totally flip his campaign. She out Trumped him, out gunned him and even embarrassed him on his home turf of Northwest Georgia. He can try to come across as the tough, new sheriff in town but he’s running against the 21st Century reincarnation of Annie Oakley and she’s about to whiz right past him.

As for the other six in the GOP House race, well, there’s not much to say. John Barge is one of the most pleasant politicians and educators you’ll ever meet. He’s the type of person who needs to be in Washington. The others? We thought for sure they’d add some pull from either the northern or southern ends of the congressional district. Neither even materialized; they amounted to ballot filler at best.

All that said, we expect a spirited campaign now through Aug. 11 but with much lower voter turnout. We know John Cowan won’t quit; he’s too competitive.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene, she’s locked and loaded for a victory tour on Nov. 3 — and she doesn’t intend to miss.


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