Big crowd in downtown Rome Sunday afternoon for ‘We Matter: A Peaceful Protest.’ What’s next.

Big crowd in downtown Rome Sunday afternoon for ‘We Matter: A Peaceful Protest.’ What’s next.

Around 3 p.m. Sunday in downtown Rome. Photo courtesy of Wendy Davis.


‘We Matter: A Peaceful Protest” is under way just after 3 p.m. Sunday at Rome City Auditorium. A “peaceful protest with an enthusiastic crowd here at City Hall today” is how City Commissioner Wendy Davis describes the scene in the above photo from her Facebook page.

Davis joined Mayor Bill Collins, Commissioner Bonny Askew, Rome School Board member Alvin Jackson and Police Chief Denise Downer-McKinney in speaking before the crowd.

The event was organized by Candice Spivey. Purpose: “To honor the life of George Floyd and the many others whose lives were wrongfully taken by law enforcement. We will be standing for the injustices within our nation and local community. Sunday will be a time for allL to come together to peacefully support the black community of Rome, Ga., and heal the wound of racism within our relationships. We will also be standing for justice to be served for Vanita Richardson and Truvenia Campbell, local women who were killed weeks ago and their cases are still open.”

  • Facebook is filled with hundreds of additional photos.


Planning is under way for a free Unity for the Community event.  The event is being planned to help strengthen our community, provide community outreach and celebrate everything that unites us.  Organizers are hosting a planning meeting on Wednesday, June 10 at 11 a.m. and invite all non-profits, civic group leaders, musicians and artists who would like to learn more about participating in the event.  The meeting will be held at the Rome City Auditorium to allow for social distancing at the meeting. All activities, entertainment, and event production services will be 100 percent donated. Any organizations and artists that would like to participate in this free, community centric event are encouraged to attend the meeting. For questions, email

There is talk of another rally next weekend but we’ll hold on that until organizers secure a permit.


Video from Saturday’s Rome March for Change down Broad Street to Town Green organized by Jace Pearson and Jaquez Brown.

Participants in the Rome March for Change assembled at the North Rome Church of God for prayer before their march. (Facebook photo)
The Rome March for Change travels along North Broad towards Downtown. (Facebook photo)
Rome March of Change ended at the Town Green in Downtown Rome. (Facebook photo)


Hundreds turned out in support of three separate protest events on Saturday in Rome, all very peaceful demonstrations making a statement against racial injustices across America.

There was a huge turnout for Saturday morning’s Rome March for Change organized by local teens Jace Pearson and Jaquez Brown. Supporters met at North Rome Church of God for a moment of prayer followed by a very peaceful march down North Broad Street into Downtown Rome ending at the Town Green with another prayer for the community.

Jace’s father Michael Pearson shared the words on Facebook about his son and his motivation behind the event:

“6 days ago my son Jace Pearson came to me and said he wanted to put on a peace March. I ask him why and he said ” for PEACE” Made sense to me so I made a few calls told him the direction to go in. From that point he reached all the right people, put together the right people, got permits, etc. All on his own and the help of some friends. His heart and love for people is as big as I have ever seen. 

This morning on the way to drop him off I told him today was a monumental day, because on this day in 1944, 4413 men died on D-Day for our freedom. Freedom so that a young man like yourself is able to March for Justice and Peace. Today is another monumental day for me because my son helped put together a walk then hopefully changes minds and lives.”

Rome Commissioner Mark Cochran observed the event and shared on Facebook: “The first protest has ended. Very peaceful. Thank you to all of those who protested peacefully and thank you to the Rome City Police for doing a great job.”

Saturday’s Project Black ‘Rome Demands Justice’ march in South Rome. Facebook photo.

Saturday afternoon, Project Black and Bridget Smith organized theRome Demands Justice’ rally and march from the Rome-Floyd County Library to South Broad. It was another peaceful protest with no reported incidents. From the event’s Facebook page, “It is time for our voices to be heard and for us to come together for a positive reason. We demand justice. We demand change and we want everyone to show up and stand with us to support the change we seek starting in our community.”

Protest is over. Very peaceful. No incidents that I am aware of,” said Cochran of the second event. “Thank you to the protestors for the peaceful march and thank you once again to the Rome City Police for their professionalism.”

The final event on Saturday was the Power of Truth Rally on the steps of City Hall organized by Pastor Rondie Good with Kingdom Church International of Adairsville.

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