Politics: The Floyd sheriff’s candidates talk mental health in a forum sponsored by NAMI. Earlier: Watch the two debates with Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District; Democratic U.S. Senate, PSC hopefuls.

Politics: The Floyd sheriff’s candidates talk mental health in a forum sponsored by NAMI. Earlier: Watch the two debates with Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District; Democratic U.S. Senate, PSC hopefuls.


Live now: Floyd County sheriff’s candidates talk mental health: A forum with Republican sheriff’s hopefuls Tom Caldwell, Ronnie Kilgo and Dave Roberson is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday courtesy of the National Alliance on Mental Health/Rome chapter. The forum, designed to address mental health issues, will be broadcast live via NAMI’s Facebook Live page.

>Leading the forum: Bonnie Moore of NAMI Rome. On the panel: Alli Mitchell, United Way of Rome and Floyd County.

The debates: The Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District took part in two broadcast debates earlier this one. You can view both of them below.

Also included; Links to the debates with the U.S. Senate Democratic candidates as well as those running for the Public Service Commission.

Another debate for the 14th Congressional District Republican candidates was held, via Zoom, on Thursday courtesy of the 14th District GOP of Georgia. You can watch it by clicking the above arrow or go tothe Facebook page of the 14th District GOP of Georgia. Jason M. Shepherd, Ccairman of the Cobb GOP, served as moderator.


The District 14 GOP House candidates took part in the The Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young Debate Series on Monday afternoon. It is avaiable above or on Facebook Live (GPB). It also will be on the GPB website.

Congressional District 14. The primary/runoff winner faces Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal in the Nov. 3 general election:

  • Republicans: John Barge, Ben Bullock, Kevin Cooke, John Cowan, Clayton Fuller (not in the debate), Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Gunther, Bill Hembree, Matt Laughridge.

Our observations:

  • John Barge vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene in an early exchange of the candidates. Barge addresses Greene’s running for District Six and then District 14; Greene says Barge didn’t work hard enough to battle “common core” from the Obama Administration.
  • Matt Laughridge jumps Dr. John Cowan for buying goods from “China communists” for his toy business. Cowan says he believes in free trade and that he can help Trump deal with China. Laughridge says we need jobs back in Northwest Georgia.
  • Bill Hembree picks up on the Cowan/Chinese connection and cites Cowan’s brother who also ran for office. Cowan defends his brother and chides Hembree for questioning his brother; says Coward is “getting rich off of China.” Cowan says he’s not getting rich from the toys and points to his other businesses and medical work.
  • Host Jeff Hullinger of 11 Alive asks Greene about her candidacy, especially from living outside the district. Greene says her values line up perfect with the 14th Congressional District. Hullinger stops her to redirect her to the question.
  • Riley Bunch of CNHI News asks Cowan about the open America demostrations. Says there has to be a balance between the virus and the economy. “People know how to wear a mask,” he says.
  • Hullinger asks Ben Bullock the residency question as he is from Gwinnett County. Bullock says he’s now living at his grandmother’s house and is using the family store in Paulding as his campaign headquarters.
  • Hullinger to Cowan: Do you agree with Kemp and opening businesses? What’s your sense of this? “Brian Kemp has done a great job reopening the economy,” says Cowan. Until we get a vaccine, we’ll need to continue social distancing and other practices, he says. “I’m very optimistic.”
  • Bunch (CNHI) to Barge: She asks about Barge’s stance on charter schools. He says he opposed creation of a separate state department for charter schools.
  • Hullinger to Laughridge on the pandemic and business. His job, Laughridge says, is support Trump, fix the economy and make the Chinese government pay for what has happened.

Closing arguments:

  • Cowan says he didn’t shop for representing district. Says he supports Trump.
  • Bullock: Served this country for 10 years in uniform… help this country make wise decisions in national security. Has business experience.
  • Laughridge: Everyone in this race supports Trump. Talks about business experience in Northwest Georgia… “we don’t need big government in our lives” and takes another crack at “made in China.”
  • Gunther: 22 years of military service, international experience and has an MBA. Says he wants voters to hold him accountable.
  • Kevin Cooke: Talks about his state House experience and who can stand up to big government Republicans in Washington.
  • Hembree: Talks about his family, his business and his state House experience. Says Democrats trying to destroy Trump helped prompt his candidacy.
  • Greene: Calls herself “the strongest frontrunner in the race” because of her on-the-ground campaign efforts. Cites GOP agenda and wants to make China pay.
  • Barge: Says all candidates have same mantra; he says people wants someone who can represent them. Says he understands challenges life brings.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk-Young Debate Series welcomed the Democratic U.S. Senate candidates. The debate will take place live via video in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting. Click the above image to watch that debate.

U.S. Senate. Primary/runoff winner faces Republican incumbent David Perdue in the Nov. 3 general election.

  • Sarah Riggs Amico
  • Marckeith DeJesus
  • James Knox
  • Tricia Carpenter McCracken
  • Jon Ossoff
  • Maya Dillard Smith
  • Teresa Tomlinson

Also Monday: The Democrats vying for the Public Service Commission District 4 seat debatef at 10 a.m. Available on Facebook Live (GPB) or click above. They include Daniel Blackman vs. John Noel. The winner faces Republican incumbent Bubba McDonald Jr. in the Nov. 3 general election.

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