Local businessman T.K. Hamilton shares his story of how God changed his life in new book, “ReRight: Life Re-Written by the Creator.”

Local businessman T.K. Hamilton shares his story of how God changed his life in new book, “ReRight: Life Re-Written by the Creator.”

T.K. Hamilton signs copies of his book from his office at Midian Roofing Co.


By Natalie Simms

Not only has local businessman T.K. Hamilton built a growing roofing company with locations in Rome and Fort Mill, S.C., but you can now add “author” to his list of accomplishments. He felt his personal story of how God changed his life is worth sharing with the world, so he wrote “ReRight: Life Re-Written by the Creator.”

“ReRight is a book of hope…a book that explains that God can help anyone if they give Him a chance. There are 23 chapters of tragedy, drama, miracles and loving people intertwined with my personal life and business,” says Hamilton, who owns Midian Roofing Company.

It is Hamilton’s story of living a life of abuse, abandonment, homelessness and addiction that forced him to drop out of school in the ninth grade. But once he surrendered his life to God and allowed God to direct his thoughts and actions, he went from rags to riches.

“I actually was inspired by my relationship with God,” says Hamilton. “He has gotten me through so much in life and I wanted to share my life experiences with others who may be looking for answers.

“My hope is that the reader is inspired by what they read and it will give them hope and let them know that God is real.”

One story Hamilton writes about is how God pulled his company through one of the biggest financial crises he had ever experienced.

“The year was 2011; we had just had the biggest financial crisis that directly had ever effected my life. The recession finally caught up with my company.  I walked into my office every day and asked God to give us today our daily bread. We had absolutely no work. It wasn’t raining and there were no roof leaks,” he says.

“I had no clue what we were going to do. I had four mortgage payments, truck payments, tax, insurance and employees who needed money. I had come to the understanding that I needed to find out where God is at work and join him. I figured in my mind that God is in the middle of a storm.”

Hamilton says he later met a man who was teaching him about storm work and said he could find his company some work. By April 2011, he had work coming in from Fort Mill, S.C., that eventually turned into Midian’s second branch location. Then a tornado hit in Rome in December 2011.

“We now had more work than we knew what to do with in two towns. I asked, ‘God, why didn’t you give us work in Rome, so we didn’t have to travel so far to work?’ He said, ‘You would have never gotten out of the boat.’ This statement is referring to when Peter jumped out of the boat to follow Jesus and walked on water,” he says.

“Here we are nine years later and we have two branches instead of one that all started from the worst financial crisis most have ever seen. I am excited to see what miracle God is going to pull during this trying time. I am looking to grow Midian Roofing again.”

Hamilton says he spent a few hours a day over four months writing the book. He does have enough stories to share in a second book.

“I do have plans for ‘ReRight 2’ because there have been so many miracles and people who have helped me along the way and I want the world to know about it,” he says.

Although not planned, Hamilton says the book’s release during the coronavirus pandemic is just God’s timing.

“It is a perfect testimonial book to let people know that God can get you through anything the way he has so many. This was not strategic (timing), but it may be good with so many people looking for answers and struggling with it all right now,” he says.

Hamilton partnered with Lazarus Tribe Media of Rome for his book’s publication. You can go online to www.life-rewritten.com to download the first three chapters for free and purchase the book. It is also available on Amazon but Hamilton says it will arrive faster from the publisher given recent shipping delays due to coronavirus.

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