Updated: City of Rome  shelter-in-place stance (with caveats) starts at 5 p.m. Q & A added.

Updated: City of Rome shelter-in-place stance (with caveats) starts at 5 p.m. Q & A added.


  • City of Rome adds Q & A for residents, businesses. Click here.
  • For questions about shelter-in-place, please call 706-236-4400.
  • For complaints about businesses not cooperating with the ordinance, please call 706-236-4459.
  • Translated in Spanish. Click here
  • Podcast: Rome City Commissioner Mark Cochran on the coronavirus spread and what was behind the City Commission‚Äôs mandate to shelter-in-place.

The update below was provided by the City of Rome just before 10 a.m. Tuesday:


In a marathon session of Monday’s meeting, Rome City commissioners basically called for the Rome’s residents to shelter-in-place.

Unanimously approved by the commission — meeting view Zoom rather than in person — the provision calls for more than 36,000 people to stay at home except for medical appointments and needs such as prescriptions, needed supplies for themselves and families such as groceries and pet supplies. The ordinance starts at 5 p.m. Tuesday and is scheduled to expire at 11:59 p.m. April 7, according to a presentation from City Attorney Andy Davis.

  • Gathering of people in public and private is discouraged, citing the ban on groups of 10 or more gathering.
  • Restaurants remain open but only for carryout and delivery.
  • Businesses supporting businesses also are exempt as are banks and credit unions.

It was the second major move by the city in less than a week; on Thursday, Rome joined the Cave Spring City Council and Floyd County Commission in closing restaurant dining rooms, shifting some owner/operators to use drive-through and delivery only or others to close for the duration. Monday’s package was a surprise to most city commissioners, however; one told of receiving the document under an hour before the start of Monday evening’s meeting.

Community reaction has been mixed with lots of questions in search of clarifications. Also included: Complaints about no public comment prior to the emergency vote. Click below to see some 80 comments posted since Monday night.

Here is a link to the document (11 pages long): health emergency

  • Below please find one of the key parts of the emergency ordinance. Again, it is 11 pages along and you’ll find other businesses (essential and nonessential) spelled out there.

What about the county: We could see the Floyd County Commission consider similar action at its meeting Tuesday. This item is now on the agenda for 6 p.m. Tuesday:

“Discuss emergency administrative order for a second local state of emergency¬†related to COVID-19 in Floyd County.”

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