Coronavirus: Quick read of Sunday’s latest updates.

Coronavirus: Quick read of Sunday’s latest updates.

We’re posting key updates (mostly local) throughout the news day. Some also will be expanded on our pages throughout the day.


  • Noon update:  23 coronavirus deaths in Georgia, up three overnight. The state was tied for third in fatal cases with Louisiana; Washington state and New York are the top two. 600 cases as of noon today.
  • Floyd Medical Center details the first few days of caring for a Polk County woman who would become the first documented coronavirus case in Northwest Georgia.
  • Two Rome commissioners want virus update, discussion on Monday meeting agenda.
  • Second death in Northwest Georgia: A revised chart of coronavirus deaths in Georgia now lists one death in Floyd County and one in Bartow County.
  • 7 confirmed patients at Floyd, Redmond; 33 awaiting test results. Polk and Gordon both have 4 each. State cases now at 555.
  • Pirelli North America to lower production and close Rome plant for cleaning. Updates
  • Floyd County Jail to end on-site video visitation on Monday, moves to remote video visitation system next week.
  • FEMA sets up coronavirus rumor control site to in an attempt to control rumors circulating around social media, including rumors that the military will impose a national lock down or quarantine. Click here

NATIONAL/WORLD UPDATE, 11:45 a.m. Sunday:

  • Worldwide: 316,652 cases with 13,598 deaths and 94,176 identified as recovered (majority listed from China alone).
  • United States: 27,004 cases (fourth in the world behind China, Italy and now Spain) with 345 deaths including 20 in Georgia as of 11:45 a.m. Sunday. Those totals include one death each in Floyd and Bartow counties.
  • Source: Johns Hopkins


  • Next statewide updates: 7 this evening.
  • Throughout the day: Probable updates from Cartersville Medical Center, Floyd Medical Center, Redmond Regional Medical Center and Public Health..
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