Newscast/Rant: Second Floyd Schools employee tests positive. Our changing lives. Rant: A decision on indecision.

Newscast/Rant: Second Floyd Schools employee tests positive. Our changing lives. Rant: A decision on indecision.

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Today’s headlines:

  • A second Floyd County Schools employee tests positive for coronavirus. This person serves both Alto Park Elementary and Cave Spring Elementary; is now in self-quarantine. The employee “may have come into contact with teachers and students while in attendance at the fifth grade FCS Quiz Bowl event last Tuesday at the Krannert Center at Berry College.”
  • Changes: Great timing for pop-up farmers market. Jandy’s closes temporarily as does LakePoint Station in Emerson. ATMs with more $$. Restaurant delays grand opening; Crawdaddy’s pickup only; corned beef, growlers to go.
  • Closings: Floyd Schools, Polk schools to take even longer breaks. Catholic churches cancel public Masses through April 4-5.

Today’s other news:

  • A 2-year-old Rome boy was killed in a rear-end collision in Blue Ridge late Sunday; two others are recovering.
  • Health: Three of four floors at the 330 Physicians Center open for lease; 59,000 square feet in all.

RANT OF THE DAY: A decision on indecision

In recent weeks, we’ve seen people in leadership positions failing to do what they’re supposed to do in the first place: make decisions. We realize the corona virus is something we never really expected – but that’s not an excuse to watch and wait.

The first example came hours before Floyd County’s first positive test was announced. Elected, health and other officials were in stall mode, some openly speculating it would never happen here even as data poured in from China and Italy.

Twelve hours later, all were packed in a room at the emergency center, speculating on what happens next. Today, we’re among one of the state’s hot beds for positive tests.

What’s troubling is that some are still taking time – time we don’t have if we want to “flatten the curve” – to make decisions. Public institutions, private operations, gathering places prone to crowds of 50 or more – there seems to be a geniune fear of making the call.

The demands of leadership include exactly that: lead. Make the tough call that might be unpopular but also is more than necessary. If you can’t, move aside and let the true leaders lead.

Treating the corona virus outbreak as a new threat is the wrong approach. Northwest Georgia was two weeks into “community spread” by the time the first positive test was announced.

There are some very tough decisions to make, decisions that should have occurred last week. From Athens, Ga., to New York City to Miami Beach, people are doing what needs to be done.

Here’s hoping the leaders here indeed decide to lead today.

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