Dining: Pick O’ Deli preparing for new restaurant on Dean Avenue.

Dining: Pick O’ Deli preparing for new restaurant on Dean Avenue.


Above: The sign of things to come is on the way as you check out at Pick O’ Deli. Hometown photo.
Above and below: Fencing is up around some of the back area of the restaurant on Dean Avenue. Hometown photos.

Pick O’ Deli showing signs of planned changes. Last June, a $1 million permit was issued for a new Pick O’ Deli at 1403 Dean Ave. For several years, James P. Turner had talked  about building a new cafeteria behind the old one as well as some expanded services.

Based on the signage inside the longtime restaurant on Tuesday evening as well as the fencing behind it, work is close to beginning.

The first photo appearing above shows a rendering of the new Pick O’ Deli. Another East Rome business, Davis Contracting and Development Inc., is on the project. It is the second major project by Randy Davis’ crew on Dean Avenue in recent years. Davis Contracting also built the East Rome Beverage Center operated by the Kwon Family.

The projects are a bit similar: For Pick O’ Deli, the new building will be built behind the existing restaurant. Davis built a new 8,000-square-foot store with a 31-door cooler on the site of the former Deano’s Pizza, replacing the beverage center that had been just off Dean Avenue. The former location was leveled to allow for a larger parking lot for the new store.


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