Politics: Sheriff’s race saw nearly $156,000 in contributions through Dec. 31, half of which already has been spent. Also: Superior court judge report.

Politics: Sheriff’s race saw nearly $156,000 in contributions through Dec. 31, half of which already has been spent. Also: Superior court judge report.

The campaign finance reports from the Republican Floyd County sheriff’s candidates as of Dec. 31. Hometown photo.


The red-hot Republican race to be Floyd County’s next sheriff is drawing a lot of green as well.

Through Dec. 31, the three candidates — Tom Caldwell, Ronnie Kilgo and Dave Roberson — together collected nearly $156,000 in contributions. Campaign finance reports on file at the elections office also show they’ve together spent about half of that on signs, stickers, billboards, T-shirts, fund-raisers such as barbecues, campaign assistance and ads including those in high school and other programs.

One issue already raised has been Kilgo’s loans to his own campaign. Kilgo, who owns Rome Gas and another business, says he’s prepared to finance much of his run for sheriff, in part to chase what he calls the “pay-to-play guys” who want to do business with the future sheriff within the department and the county jail. Kilgo was adamant about that point during Tuesday’s forum held by the Rome TEA Party.

The campaign reports feature contributions, expenditures and cash on hand through Dec. 31. A snapshot of that data — including largest donors and expenditures — appear below. Also featured: The year-end numbers for superior court judge candidate Bryan Johnson.

Tom Caldwell:

  • Contributions: $58,902. Among the largest contributions were Jan Caldwell, $2,000; and $1,000 each from Courtesy Ford, Roger Manis, Roger Manis Jr., the Cates, Tommy Thomas, the Rues, Marie Bowles.
  • Expenditures: $27,590 including $9,034 with Lamar Advertising; campaign fees from SFS Marketing.
  • In the bank: $31,212.

Ronnie Kilgo:

  • Contributions: $48,887. Includes $500 from Bill Hembree & Associates; $420 from Chris Sartain, $425 from Lee and April Rogers; $300 from Ron Morris (who would serve as Kilgo’s chief deputy if elected). Also included: $5,356 loan from himself and $1,203 from Rome Gas, one of Kilgo’s companies.
  • Expenditures: $32,201. Includes $5,243 with Lamar Advertising; $4,484 with Capitol Promotions (signs and stickers); $1,330 with Caldwell Printing; $366 with Rome News-Tribune; $500 with Coosa Valley News.
  • In the bank: $16,686.

Dave Roberson:

  • Contributions: $48,014. Included $1,500 from Evans Grading; $1,000 from Elizabeth Cordell; $1,000 from Spriggs. Smaller amounts from other groups and individuals including bonding companies.
  • Expenditures: $20,054. Includes $1,875 on a clay shoot; $1,449 with Cedarstream (T-shirts).
  • In the bank: $27,960.

Disclosure: Kilgo has spent $2,400 with Hometown Headlines for advertising starting this Sunday; the invoice will appear in the next financial filling. Caldwell spent $1,080 for Hometown ads in 2019, which appeared in the previous filing,  and returns soon; and Roberson has a contract to begin ads on March 1; that invoice would appear in a future filing.

Superior Court Judge

  • Bryan Thomas Johnson: Contributions this period: $19,570 with biggest donations from Robert Finnell ($2,800), Law Offices of Will Geer ($2,000), Cameron Motorsports ($1500) and Slappey & Sadd of Atlanta ($1,500) Expenditures: $898.06. Cash on hand: $50,133.02
  • There are no other declared candidates in this race as of Jan. 22. This election will be decided in the May 19 primary.
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