Education: 10 Rome High students nominated for the Governor’s Honors Program.

From left: Alayna Weber, Ewan Parker, Elisabeth Plunkett, Emma Breithaupt, Abigail Huggins, Thu Truong, Shelby Lamb, Adan Escutia Cruz, Anna Harper and Eric Legostaev. RCS photo


Media release: Rome High School’s nominees for the Governor’s Honors Program were announced this week and 10 Wolves will now begin the process to hopefully attend the residential summer program reserved for the winners. The students and their chosen concentrations are:

  • Emma Breithaupt (Communicative Arts)
  • Adan Escutia Cruz (Communicative Arts)
  • Anna Harper (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)
  • Abigail Huggins (Communicative Arts)
  • Shelby Lamb (Communicative Arts)
  • Eric Legostaev (Science/ Physics)
  • Ewan Parker (Communicative Arts)
  • Elisabeth Plunkett (Communicative Arts)
  • Thu Truong (Science/ Chemistry)
  • Alayna Weber (Communicative Arts)

According to Melody Burse, Rome High School 11th grade counselor and Governor’s Honors Coordinator, 26 RHS students showed interested in the program, 19 continued through to the interview process (with local college professors) and 10 were chosen as nominees for the program. These ten students will now submit their official applications to be chosen as semi-finalists, moving up to the state-level interviews and then, hopefully, becoming finalists who will attend the midsummer program at Berry College.

“I am so excited!” smiled Emma Breithaupt,  GHP nominee. “We had our interviews last week, and I was very stressed out because I want this so bad. Even though not all of us will be chosen, because it is so selective, it is still an honor to be nominated and to have gotten to go through the initial process of being selected,” she continued. “It has also been a big morale builder for all of us as classmates and friends. I am just beyond excited and can’t wait for the next step!”

Adan Escutia Cruz also is excited for this process: “I’ve never been nominated for anything like this before, so I am very excited. When Mrs. Burse called me to the office to let me know I had been nominated I thought to myself, Oh my goodness! This is such a huge honor!” I am most excited to get the opportunity to (hopefully) be on Berry’s campus this summer and get this early college experience. Getting to learn more about my favorite subject, World Literature, is also super exciting.”

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