Updated: Wild dogs spotted as they mauled another cat in the Between the Rivers district early Monday. New: Video of dogs on the run Sunday night.

Updated: Wild dogs spotted as they mauled another cat in the Between the Rivers district early Monday. New: Video of dogs on the run Sunday night.

Three dogs on the run, two in this photo: Far right corner and left side of the Nest video. Courtesy of the Between the Rivers Association Facebook page.


One report overnight of a neighbor chasing the dogs from a BTR alley overnight and calling 911.


Update on Wild Dogs: A member of the BTR community “just spoke in person to PAWS Officer Jon Byers. He was clearly alarmed by this latest attack and has set up a trap along the alley that runs along the 200 block of Fourth Avenue on the side toward Third Avenue. He said they’ve been trying to trap this pack in South Rome off South Broad, and that they will now set traps here again. He confirmed that these are fully feral, wild dogs, not simply someone’s pet that has strayed.”

More on the wild dogs. The Between the Rivers Facebook page shared this from the Nest camera: “Three dogs. 11:30 p.m. Two of them look like the ones before.” For a short video, please see our Instagram page.

This report in from the Between the Rivers Association Facebook page, filed by the couple who witnessed the attack. It was the first such report in more than a month after two dogs were captured in East Rome. The latest:

“The wild dogs are back (or never left): Two dogs just attacked and killed a cat sleeping on our back stoop right by the back door (old, neutered, mostly tame stray we feed daily; never left our yard). One is a black lab-looking dog not unlike the one PAWS captured last month near St. Mary’s School.

“We called 911, as the police have told us to do. I told the officer I spoke to about the attacks here and at St. Mary’s, and the extensive involvement of PAWS but he told me they couldn’t do anything, etc. He did send a car out and I’ve seen it driving around. I’ll call PAWS when they open and tell them this problem wasn’t resolved.

“Please be careful walking your dogs at daylight/dusk and bring your cats in if they’re tame. Beware of leaving small children with a pet in the yard. Also, please check your video at around 3 a.m.”


Sept. 17: Two of the wild dogs have been captured in separate traps near a fence and in a strand of trees at Saint Mary’s Catholic School in East Rome.

PAWS Director Jeff Mitchell said the dogs were caught around 1 p.m. Tuesday (Sept. 17) and definitely were among the wild dogs that had been stalking East Rome and the Between the Rivers District. “They were growling and trying to lunge” at the Animal Control officers even while caged in the traps, Mitchell said. Both were loaded into vehicles and taken to PAWS for containment. A Saint Mary’s employee identified one of the dogs as being among the aggressive ones spotted there in recent weeks.

The traps already have been rebaited and are back in service in hopes of catching additional dogs, Mitchell says.

Animal Control officers are being assisted by police on patrol of the suspect areas. Also, Mitchell says crews are going door-to-door to inform residents of the dog issues and to urge them to take both dog and cat food indoors. The reason, he says, is that the pack will try to find the easiest food sources. If there’s less food available, they’ll be more than likely to go into the baited traps.

The dogs continue to be cautious are the traps, he says, and for that reason, Animal Control crews are doing their best to hide them and cover them with brush or other means.

To date, three dogs have been captured as well as one coyote.

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