Budgetel Inn updates: February Public Health inspection found roaches, mold but earned a score of 84; previous was 93. Updates for Bartow Schools, emergency teams helping displaced tenants.

Budgetel Inn updates: February Public Health inspection found roaches, mold but earned a score of 84; previous was 93. Updates for Bartow Schools, emergency teams helping displaced tenants.

A dated image of the Budgetel from Facebook.
Public Health inspection report from Feb. 27 shows score of 84 out of 100; roaches, dirty air filters, mold. The most-recent inspection of the Budgetel Inn at Carson Loop posted on the Public Health website shows several areas of concern but overall, the score was an 84. The previous score, from May 16, 2018, was a 93. A summary of issues found in the February report (click here) appears below:
6 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.13(1)] OUT – Observed roaches in several rooms. Observed pest control records but excess household items and food present. Repeat Violation.
17 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.08(5)] OUT – Observed several rooms with dirty air filters, several rooms with bathroom vents tapped up and several rooms with mold growth. Repeat Violation.
18 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.08(7)] OUT – Guests stated that toiletry items not offered. New Violation.
26 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.14(2)] OUT – Un-approved cook equipment observed in rooms 100, 201, 211, 215 New Violation.
28 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.14(6)] OUT – Observed most rooms without mattress pads. Also observed mattresses and sheets in dis-repair(stains and tares). Guests stated that cleaning is done by them not hotel staff. New Violation.
33 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.17(2)] OUT – Noticed housekeeper using shopping buggy as cart with minimal supplies. No toiletry items noticed. New Violation.



From Bartow County Schools.

From Bartow County Schools:

“As you can imagine, this is an extremely difficult time for many of our families displaced Tuesday as a result of the mass eviction at the Budgetel Inn. The Bartow County School System, under the direction of our homeless liaison, has been quickly and efficiently providing our families alternative living arrangements and resources in other parts of the county. Faith-based organizations are providing transportation to assist with that effort, and our Transportation Department is working hard to ensure students are able to return to their home school.

“Affected schools include Clear Creek Elementary, Cass Middle, Cass High, White, Kingston, and Red Top Middle as we have a special needs child that is program-placed there.

“As you can see, a lot of progress is being made. Clear Creek Elementary School Principal Dr. Kelly Wade and School Counselor Holly Bishop are on-site providing assistance, as well as countless other community members.

“Many have asked about donations. Later today, we hope to provide additional details about a central drop-off location.

“We would like to thank Cartersville and Bartow County. Community members have rallied around us from the minute they heard about the eviction and are not ceasing. We are beyond grateful.

From the Bartow County Fire Department:

BCFD Emergency Management Division with help of the Bartow County School System, Bartow Baptist Association, Department of Health and various other churches were able to assist residents at Budgetel find temporary housing today.

A bizarre story out of Bartow County this morning. The Cartersville Daily Tribune News and WBHF 100.3 FM/1450 AM are reporting the Budgetel Inn at 35 Carson Loop near Cassville-White Road has been closed, citing health violations, and nearly 200 people have been forced to find other shelter.
We have notes into Public Health this morning, seeking official word on what inspectors found at the hotel. The hotel’s Facebook page hasn’t been updated in three years. The reservations portal for the hotel continues to accept reservations and lists rooms starting at around $45 a night. Included: WiFi, TV and two beds; smoking allowed.
From the Daily Tribune News: Please click for the full report.
Scores of families in Bartow County are now homeless following the indefinite suspension of an extended-stay motel’s permit Tuesday.
Upwards of 200 people were informed by the management of the Budgetel Inn at 35 Carson Loop that they had 24 hours to vacate the premises following a failed Georgia Department of Public Health  (DPH) inspection.
According to DPH documentation, the motel was cited for “unapproved cooking equipment,” “infestation of roaches and flies” and “furnishings not being kept up.”
By 4 p.m., Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputies and code enforcement vehicles were already on the property.
From WBHF: Click  here (includes audio sound bites)
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