Updated: Who’s ready to roll the dice and win Rome Opoly? Get the perfect Christmas present now for $19.98 at Walmart. Seriously.

Updated: Who’s ready to roll the dice and win Rome Opoly? Get the perfect Christmas present now for $19.98 at Walmart. Seriously.

First it was the classic board game itself, the hours-long quest for Boardwalk, Park Place and perhaps owning all four railroads as well. Next came the college editions.

Now, they’re taking Monopoly back home with “Rome Opoly” and its on sale today at the East Rome Walmart and probably a few other spots. The price: $19.98.

What’s on the board:

  • Boardwalk and Park Place have been replaced by Downtown Rome and the Oostanaula River.
  • The Coosa Valley Fair, Barron Stadium and the library.
  • Jail is replaced by Traffic Jam (or should we say just Turner McCall?) and there’s Opera Alley.
  • You can even lose a turn because you ate too much at Provino’s.
  • The game pieces can be seen in the second photo and include a pretzel, gym shoe, a heart and others.

Rome Opoly is one of numerous editions produced by a company known as Late for the Sky in Cincinnati. It’s background:

Late for the Sky Production Co. began making specialty board games in 1984. Our first game was MIAMIOPOLY, based on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Company founder and president is a 1980 graduate of Miami University and her time spent there served as the inspiration for the first game. The title list soon spread to around 80 major U.S. colleges. Each game is a walk around a specific university and the board spaces are the campus buildings, local businesses and traditions that are special to that school.

Friday morning, with talked with Michael Schulte, a marketing spokesman for Late in the Sky. These updates:

  • The Rome game is one of only a handful in Georgia so far (Augusta, Atlanta, Savannah). Other version are pending, including Macon. Cartersville and Calhoun “are on the drawing board,” Schulte adds.
  • Right now, the game is exclusively sold in Walmart as are other editions in other cities. Cost: $19.98.
  • The company draws much of its local information from chambers of commerce and cross references events and locales with web research, he says, adding, “We’re pretty much got it down to a science.”
  • While they’ve been doing larger cities for years, Late in the Sky has found the small communities have more civic pride and the smaller-city games sell very well. By year’s end, they hope to have 300 editions available.

If interested, we found dozens on an aisle by the toy section at the East Rome Walmart. It also is available at the West Rome location.

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