Business: Rome Axe Throwing targets young adults, church and business groups as it opens this weekend.

Business: Rome Axe Throwing targets young adults, church and business groups as it opens this weekend.

So why not a little axe throwing this weekend? Rome Axe Throwing is now open at 110 E. Eight Ave. in Rome (former home of the military museum).  We sent Jeffrey Burke a few questions about this new business as it premieres this weekend.

Q: How did you develop the idea? We’ve seen it in other markets but how did it draw you in?

A. “I visited a friend in Charlotte last fall, we went to an axe throwing venue and had a blast. I knew we needed one closer than Atlanta or Chattanooga. Rome is the perfect location with a vibrant downtown with plenty of restaurants and bars. Throwing axes is also very popular with college aged young adults, so Rome again is a perfect location.”

Q: Describe a “session” at Rome Axe Throwing. My buddies and I show up; what’s next?

A: “Customers can either reserve their spot on our website or walk-in and hope their are open spots. When they come in, they will check in, sign their waiver and pay if they didn’t pay online. Once checked in, we have a lounge are area with couches and televisions they can relax in until their lane is ready. Once ready, a Rome Axe throwing employee will give them a safety briefing and instruction/ demonstration on handling and throwing an axe. They will then each get a few practice throws with coaching if needed. Once ready, the Axe Coach will teach them how to score and play games. There are different games a customer can play but the basic game is most points in 10 throws. After that, the coach will observe to ensure everyone is having fun and staying safe and help if needed.”

Q: Any restrictions (ages)?

A: “The youngest axe thrower we can allow is 10 years old. However, they must demonstrate they can throw and handle an axe safely. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.”

Q) Hours/days of operation?

A: “Monday-Friday, 5 until 10 p.m. The last session begins at 9pm. Saturday, noon until 10 p.m.; Sunday, 1-8 p.m. We can also accommodate groups, churches and team building sessions outside the posted hours of operation.”

Q: Cost per session and any “group” sessions?

A: General pricing is $25/person/hour. $20/person/hour for students, military and first responders with ID. We have group varying rates for groups of eight or more. Email or visit us and we will reserve a time and give a price quote.”

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