Media notes: ‘Rejoice Radio’ making a push in Rome. Neal Boortz ends commentaries, podcasts. WEBS assets up for auction today in Calhoun.

Media notes: ‘Rejoice Radio’ making a push in Rome. Neal Boortz ends commentaries, podcasts. WEBS assets up for auction today in Calhoun.

‘Rejoice Radio’ making more noise in Rome: You’ve probably seen the recent Facebook ads about a “new” radio station with a Christian theme in the Rome market. It basically is a “translator” at 90.9 FM relaying programming from Pensacola Christian College’s growing national network. Licensed as W215BA, Rejoice Radio is taking the translator spread to a different level here. Local stations have been adding translators for several years; that’s why you’re hearing FM signals for AM stations such as WRGA, WLAQ and others. Some have even abandoned their AM signal identification to stress the FM quality sound and penetration into more homes and buildings vs. the AM signal. The dual broadcasts basically have the same “footprint” in ia community. This is different from the days when an AM station used to have a dedicated FM station also carrying its programming (such was 95.5 WSB, also heard on 750 AM). For more, click Rejoice Radio.

Neal Boortz, courtesy of Inside Radio.

From now on, somebody else will have to say it; it won’t be Boortz: Longtime radio listeners might recall that abridged tagline as heralding talk show host Neal Boortz, a metro Atlanta legend who’s show grew into syndication as well until he stepped aside six years ago. The AJC’s Rodney Ho reports Boortz “is opting for a ‘full’ retirement, pulling the plug on his daily commentary on WSB and his own subscription-based podcast for a life of full-time leisure. At age 74, more than six years removed from his successful nationally syndicated daily talk show, he couldn’t sift through the daily news grind anymore – even in small doses.”  Boortz, who lives in Naples in Southwest Florida, takes a few exit shots in the article by Ho. Read it here.

  • From Inside Radio: “His earlier radio program was on the air on WSB beginning in 1993, with syndication starting in 1999. He stepped down from the program in January 2013 with 200 affiliates and an estimated weekly audience of six million.” Inside Radio


WEBS holdings up for auction this morning: Per legal ads in the Rome News-Tribune, many of the assets of Kickin 103.5 FM and WEB 1030 AM in Calhoun go up for auction today in a foreclosure sale. Property and equipment “will be sold by the undersigned at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash in the designated area within the courthouse at the Gordon County Courthouse, Gordon County, Calhoun, Georgia, within the legal hours of sale on the first Tuesday in September, 2019.” Ken Payne continues to own the radio frequencies; the station left the air last month.

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