Dining: McChanges under way at East Rome McDonald’s as ‘fast food week’ continues.

Dining: McChanges under way at East Rome McDonald’s as ‘fast food week’ continues.


Changes under way at the McDonald’s off Turner McCall on Wednesday. Photos by Natalie Simms.

In a week of sweeping changes for fast food in Rome — the openings of Popeye’s and Chicken Salad Chick as well as the closing of the West Rome Hardee’s — add one more thing to the menu: The latest renovations at the McDonald’s on Turner McCall in East Rome. A temporary tent is in the parking lot for those who want “table service” as renovations continue indoors for the next five weeks. Also, the double drive through remains in service even as other parts of the restaurant are changed.

And exactly what is on the way?

In an interview with Hometown’s Natalie Simms exactly a year ago, owner Jim Aaron outlined these changes:.

“The exterior is great but the inside is a little dated. It was owned by the corporation before I bought it but it’s been years since any kind of work has been done inside. So, next year, I plan to gut the inside and start over with new seating and décor,” he says. “The Play Place will also be gutted and changed to a more modern look. It will be huge and bright, like the one at Martha Berry.”

Aaron also plans to add lighted tables with digital games like the ones at the Martha Berry location.

“We will be adding more technology with self-ordering kiosks like we have at the Martha Berry location. We will also be adding outdoor digital boards in the drive through…so instead of the static board like we have now, there will be large TV panels that we will be able to change with the push of a button,” he says. “It helps ensure accuracy because there will be a customer order display built into the menu board.”

Customers will still be able to order at the counter the traditional way as they always have but Aaron says many of the changes are geared to “stay relevant” to the customer.

“The younger generation likes being able to order and pay at the upright kiosks and then the food is brought to your table. We will be adding this table service to East Rome once the renovations are complete,” he says.

“We also have mobile ordering so you can order on your phone and then just pick it up at the restaurant.”

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