HHPodcasts: Next news-and-views edition due Monday morning. Next interview segment Monday evening. Plus: What’s ahead; easy guide to ‘Spotify’ sign-up.

Back and better than ever on Monday: Our daily news-and-views podcast return as the news week starts. We thank you for joining us for our weekday news updates, especially those who are sampling short- and long-form podcasts for the first time.

Many are tuning in via the posts on our website each morning (usually between 7 or 8 a.m.). We also recommend signing up for a free account with Spotify. Please use the free option. How to join Spotify (their instructions):


Go to our sign up page.

Enter your email address and choose a password.

Fill out the other details.

Click SIGN UP.


Go to our sign up page.


Enter your Facebook login details and click LOG IN.
Note: Your device may automatically recognize and use any accounts that are already logged in to Facebook.

So who’s listening? We’re amazed already by the number of people who are “cutting the antenna” to get all the radio news and views you need in about eight minutes each day. We expected to get a lot of listens on iPhones and other smart phones; so far, they account for 10 percent of our visits. Ninety percent of our listens are doing so from their computers, at home or at work. We thank all of you for joining us in whatever format you prefer.

Return of the interviews: And we appreciate the comments about what to include in our longer podcasts. We’ll be tweaking those soon to bring you the format we used for interviews on radio for the past eight years. The only difference: “No static” and no syndicated commercials about digestive or “performance” issues.

Plus: We’ll welcome our first advertising partners this week. 

Coming up this week: Exploring what’s below some of the businesses along Broad Street is the subject of the next long-form podcast from Hometown HeadlinesMark Cochran of Cevian Design Lab joins us for a detailed interview about the popular tours as well as some of the history of yesterday’s Broad Street.

We hope to have the podcast posted by Monday evening.

For our earlier podcasts, including “Downtown Parking: Problems & Promise,” as well as our daily news bursts, please click

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