Health: This Saturday, ‘Walk With a Doc’ who shed 100 pounds by putting one foot in front of the other (and a few other simple steps). Floyd adds ‘Save My Spot’ to make urgent care visits more convenient.

Health: This Saturday, ‘Walk With a Doc’ who shed 100 pounds by putting one foot in front of the other (and a few other simple steps). Floyd adds ‘Save My Spot’ to make urgent care visits more convenient.

From Harbin Clinic: “Back when I was starting my fellowship, I weighed almost 100 pounds more than I do now,” says Dr. Gregory Harris of Harbin Clinic Medical Oncology.

Several years ago, Dr. Harris was overweight and realized he needed to take care of his health. He started walking — five miles a day, to be exact — toward a better lifestyle.

Join him on Saturday, June 15, for Harbin Clinic’s Walk with a Doc event, where he will share his philosophy on the importance of exercise and diet in one’s life. The event will begin at 9 a.m. at Bridgepoint Plaza in downtown Rome.

For Dr. Harris, living a healthy lifestyle was not always easy but it was something he needed to prioritize.

“When you’re completing a residency in internal medicine, you just eat whenever and whatever you can. Working a hundred hours a week makes exercise a challenge, and meals are hard as well because you don’t know when or what you’re going to be able to eat.”

Despite its challenges, working toward a better eating routine did not mean sacrificing everything he enjoyed.

“I didn’t go on a diet, I just began to monitor and maintain my caloric intake and committed to walking every day,” Dr. Harris recalls.

As a self-proclaimed numbers guy, counting and tracking what he was eating was fun. Dr. Harris said that if he ate something unhealthy, he just knew he had to trim the numbers somewhere else.

“I never felt that I was giving up anything but I got into the habit of weighing my food because I had to learn to be honest with myself about what true portions should look like. It took me almost two years to lose the amount of weight I wanted to lose, but it was a safe and maintainable pace.”

While walking every day was an important part of working off his weight, it also helped with building his strength. As his weight loss plateaued, he added core workouts and weight training that served its double purpose.

To this day — nearly 1,800 days after starting his weight-loss journey — Dr. Harris still walks four to five miles a day. He also continues to weigh, measure and log his food intake, and he also adds core workouts and other exercise as he likes to his routine.

By starting with habits that were simple and easy to maintain, Dr. Harris eventually arrived at a lifestyle that he feels good about.

“I needed my plan to be something that was doable for me, and a diet or stopping something wasn’t going to work for me. What worked was walking and watching how much I was eating, and I’m happy that I made the decision to start.”

For more information about Harbin Clinic’s Walk with a Doc series, visit


Patients visiting Floyd Urgent Care in Rome, Cartersville and Centre are now able to save their spot in line. Save My Spotis designed to cut down on time spent in the waiting room.

To make an appointment online, patients can go to and select an Urgent Care location. They will be redirected to a secure partner site and asked to provide a general reason for their visit and choose a time. They will also be asked for their email, phone number and date of birth. Children or a spouse can be added to an appointment if more than one person needs to be seen.

Those who register will receive an email confirming their request and will be notified if estimated wait times change.

“This really gives the patient choices and provides them a way to fit the visits more easily into their busy schedules,” said Al Davis, Administrator of Floyd Primary Care.

He said the check-in service will be particularly helpful in Centre, where Urgent Care and Primary Care share a parking lot. Sometimes, patients might drive by and mistakenly think Urgent Care is busy when Primary Care is seeing more patients at the time.

Davis said Floyd plans to expand the service to all its Urgent Care locations,offering even more patient choices.

The following conditions are treated at Floyd Urgent Care:

  • Colds and flu
  • Sore throat, ear ache, fever, congestion and cough
  • Eye, ear or skin infections
  • Minor cuts, bruises and abrasions
  • Headaches, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Respiratory infections
  • Strains or sprains
  • Urinary tract infections

Urgent Care also provides DOT physicals, sports physicals and wellness exams. Floyd has eight Urgent Care locations: Armuchee, Calhoun, Cartersville, Cedartown, Centre, Rockmart, Rome and Summerville.

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