Another blast of severe weather possible late Thursday, early Friday. We’ve already seen a small tornado here this season; a look at what we dodged last Sunday.

Another blast of severe weather possible late Thursday, early Friday. We’ve already seen a small tornado here this season; a look at what we dodged last Sunday.



We’re at the halfway point of Georgia’s severe weather season, from March 1 through May 31, even though we’ve had tornadoes in every month of the calendar year).

This season has been busy around the state and in neighboring Alabama — and even in Floyd County. We recorded a “weak” tornado with winds of 75 mph on March 14; the EF-0 tornado touched down near Booger Hollow Road in southern Floyd County, damaging two homes. (Background)

We had some close calls Sunday morning as a storm front swept from Alabama into Georgia, triggering at least seven tornadoes in Alabama as well as six in Georgia. The closest one to us was in the Gadsden area in Etowah County, Ala. That same storm cell prompted a severe thunderstorm warning in Floyd and Chattooga counties Sunday morning. You’ll find a breakout below of the Etowah County storm as well as several in the Columbus area, all from Palm Sunday.

The latest: And now we’re looking at stormy weather on and off for perhaps as long as 23 hours, starting around sundown Thursday and continuing into Friday. At least 1.60 inches of rain is expected and we are in a “slight risk” zone for storms and isolated tornado development.

The current outlook:

A strong storm system will move into the area late Thursday into Friday, resulting in another round of thunderstorms for north and central Georgia. Some of these storms could be strong to severe. Although a few days away, the most likely time frame appears to be late Thursday night through Friday afternoon with damaging winds the main threat. However, isolated tornadoes and large hail also are possible. — National Weather Service, Peachtree City Office.


Four tornadoes were confirmed on Palm Sunday in the Georgia counties under the jurisdiction of the Peachtree City weather office.  Confirmed in our “territory” are a tornado that hit parts of Harris and Talbot counties east and a bit north of Columbus, another in the Columbus area and two in Lamar County northwest of Macon. Another tornado hit near Colquitt County  and a sixth was reported in Hart County but those areas are in the zones of weather service offices. Most were considered “weak” with winds of 65 to 85 mph.

Seven tornadoes also were confirmed in Alabama (the Phenix storm continued into Columbus on the Georgia side of the state line).  One of those tornadoes, in Etowah County, was the one that probably drew the most concern in Northwest Georgia as Etowah County is a county beyond the border with Alabama (see above map).

We’ll start with the report on the Etowah tornado from the National Weather Service’s Birmingham office:

TORNADO #4 Glencoe Tornado (Etowah County)...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    95 mph
Path Length (Statute):  3.71 miles
Path Width (Maximum):   95 yards
Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0

Start Date:             04/14/2019
Start Time:             06:25 AM
CDT Start Location:     1 NNE Glencoe / Etowah County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          33.9768 / -85.9276

End Date:               04/14/2019
End Time:               06:30 AM CDT
End Location:           1.5 NNE Hokes Bluff / Etowah County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            34.0087 / -85.8753

Survey Summary:

NWS meteorologists surveyed damage that stretched from Glencoe to
Hokes Bluff in Etowah County and determined that it was consistent
with a tornado. This tornado began near Taylor Road where a large
tree was uprooted and light trim damage was done to a house.
Damage intensity rapidly increased as the tornado crossed Rabbittown
Road. Residence one had significant damage done to its roof and an
exterior wall, along with broken windows. A car was also picked
up/shifted. Residence two, which appeared to have very little/no
anchoring, was greatly shifted from its foundation with heavy roof
damage and broken windows. Across the street, residence three had
significant roof and wall damage, along with broken windows. The
pattern of fallen trees in this vicinity indicated a cyclonic wind
pattern, helping to confirm tornadic winds despite the storm`s
presentation on RADAR.

The tornado continued northeastward, knocking down additional
trees as it neared and crossed Highway 278. Several out buildings
were destroyed and tossed downwind at a residence located along
Tidmore Bend Road. The tornado then crossed the Coosa River and
caused light roof damage to a dock as well as knocked down
some more trees before dissipating just before Alford Bend Road.

Next: The tornadoes in the Peachtree City weather service area: Expanded report
1) Phenix City, AL / Columbus, GA Tornado:

A weak tornado embedded within a line of severe thunderstorms began at the Phenix City Water Treatment Facility where several uprooted and snapped trees were observed along with substaintial roof damage to the facility headquarters. It then moved north-northeast along State Docks Road before moving across the Chattahoochee River. The tornado crossed the Chattahoochee River between Rotary Park and 22nd Avenue, snapping a few tree limbs between Victory Drive and Blanchard Boulevard. The short-lived tornado traveled nearly due north, damaging a metal roof/awning and knowcking out several gas pumps at a gas station off Martin Luthing King Jr Boulevard in the Avondale community. Metal panels were pulled off a 1-story metal warehouse building off Cusseta Road, just south of the gas station. Maximum winds at this location were likely between 70-80 mph. Moving just north, a large tree was uprooted and took out some power lines along 17th Street, just west of Wildwood and Weracoba Parks. This was the last of the damage seen, and the tornado lifted just beyond this location.


Damage Path – Russell County, AL & Muscogee County
County Rating # of Injuries KML
Russell, AL / Muscogee EF-0 0
Rating: EF-0
Peak Wind: 85 mph
Path Length: 3.2 miles (~2.5 miles in GA)
Path Width: 50 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Start Date: April 14, 2019
Start Time: 9:09 AM CDT (10:09 AM EDT)
Start Location: Parker Rd (Phenix City, AL)
Start Lat/Lon: 32.4320 / -84.9714
End Date: April 14, 2019
End Time: 10:23 AM EDT
End Location: Midtown Columbus, GA
End Lat/Lon: 32.4788 / -84.9702


2) Muscogee/Harris/Talbot Counties Tornado:

An EF-0 tornado first touched down in extreme northern Muscogee County near the county line in a neighborhood along Deerwood Court, snapping a few pine trees. One home sustained minor shingle damage. The tornado continued northeast, crossing McKee Road and Boyd Court, snapping approximately a dozen trees before passing through an uninhabited area near Randall Creek. This location is where NWS doppler radar first detected a debris signcature. The tornado continued northeast, crossing Ridgeway Road, where it struck a hunting camp and rolled two small trailers. Farther northeast, the tornado crossed Highway 315 near the Talbot and Harris County line, also intersecting the path of the long-track tornado from March 3, 2019. The storm continued northeast, crossing County Road 71, where approximately a dozen trees were snapped or uprooted. The tornado finally dissipated north of Culpepper Road and south of Route 208.


Damage Path – Muscogee/Harris/Talbot Counties
County Rating # of Injuries KML
Muscogee/Harris/Talbot EF-0 0
Rating: EF-0
Peak Wind: 80 mph
Path Length: 8.5 miles
Path Width: 100 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Start Date: April 14, 2019
Start Time: 10:46 AM EDT
Start Location: 4.4 miles E of Midland, GA
Start Lat/Lon: 32.5795 / -84.7448
End Date: April 14, 2019
End Time: 10:55 AM EDT
End Location: 7 miles W of Talbotton, GA
End Lat/Lon: 32.6795 / -84.6615



3) Lamar County Tornado #1:
The same storm responsible for the tornado in Muscogee/Harris/Talbot counties regenereated a brief tornado in western Lamar County north of HIghway 18 and along Five Points Road. Several trees were snapped or uprooted. A few power lines were also downed along the short path. The tornado lifted before reaching Zebulon Road west of the town of Milner. 

Damage Path – Lamar County
County Rating # of Injuries KML
Lamar EF-0 0
Rating: EF-0
Peak Wind: 75 MPH
Path Length: 1.1 miles
Path Width: 75 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Start Date: April 14, 2019
Start Time: 11:39 AM EDT
Start Location: 3.6 miles SW of Milner, GA
Start Lat/Lon: 33.0686 / -84.2245
End Date: April 14, 2019
End Time: 11:42 AM EDT
End Location: 2.5 miles SW of Milner, GA
End Lat/Lon: 33.0842 / -84.2187



4) Lamar/Spalding County Tornado:

The same supercell storm responsible for tornadoes in Muscogee/Harris/Talbot counties and previously in Lamar County spawned a third tornado (second in Lamar County). This tornado touched down near the intersection of Weldon Lake Road and Silver Dollar Road where several trees were snapped. Additionally, trees were snapped and uprooted along Weldon Lake Road to the northeast. Numerous trees were snapped along Evans Road, including one large tree that fell onto a carport. A house next to the carport sustained minor shingle damage. The tornado continued northeast, intensifying as it hit the Morgan Dairy Golf Course, where over 50 trees were snapped or uprooted. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted as the tornado crossed Morgan Dairy Road, at which point peak winds were estimated to have occurred. The storm hit a tree line north of Morgan Dairy road, snapping the trees in a 150 yard wide swath. The storm crossed McKneely Road, snapping trees and power lines, before crossing into Spalding County. A few trees were snapped along Swint Road and Ellis Dairy Road before the tornado weakened and dissipated.


Damage Path – Lamar/Spalding Counties
County Rating # of Injuries KML
Lamar/Spalding EF-1 0
Rating: EF-1
Peak Wind: 90 MPH
Path Length: 4.4 miles
Path Width: 150 yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Start Date: April 14, 2019
Start Time: 11:45 AM EDT
Start Location: 1.7 miles NNE of Milner, GA
Start Lat/Lon: 33.1380 / -84.1843
End Date: April 14, 2019
End Time: 11:54 AM EDT
End Location: 3.6 miles E of Orchard Hill, GA

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