Love Library Express won’t push downtown location — but operators are searching for other sites.

Love Library Express won’t push downtown location — but operators are searching for other sites.


Love Library Express will not be opening on Tribune Street. Hometown photo.
Story lines:
  • Drew Haynes won’t continue the battle to open The Love Library Express on Tribune Street, citing city’s rush of new ordinances to prevent its opening.
  • Another location for the Express is being scouted in North Georgia.
  • The original store on Shorter Avenue remains in full service.
Media release: The Love Library Express, a new retail store slated to open on Valentine’s Day in downtown Rome, has elected to close because of legislative actions of the Rome City Commission.
This announcement is being made after the commission held three special called meetings in three business days to enact a new ordinance specifically to legislate our store from opening. The Love Library Express was not granted a business license by the City Clerk over the span of 22 days … These laws were fast-track, presented and subsequently passed by the Rome City Commission in order to prevent our opening.

The Love Library Express planned to offer comparable items to a number of stores in the Rome city limits including Spencer Gifts, Walmart, Victoria Secrets, CVS Pharmacy and others but in a convenient downtown location for our many patrons, which would have also included a delivery service.

Said Love Library General Manager Drew Haynes:  “It was a difficult decision to make whether or not to go forward with litigation against the city regarding their Ex-Post Facto Law they created to target my business. It would have just made more sense to me to let the people of Rome decide if they wanted the business or not. If Rome citizens didn’t approve of my store, then they wouldn’t shop, and the business would not have been profitable. I am sure that the City Commission did their due diligence and asked their constituents their thoughts and feelings about the ordinance, before the vote. They had to work very hard to make that happen in three days time. I would urge anyone that doesn’t feel like their voice was heard on this matter, or any of the recent matters, to get in touch with the entire commission, who can be reached by email through the City of Rome website.”

The Love Library is exploring other more welcoming markets for expansion in the North Georgia area. “The Love Library Express will open somewhere, just not downtown at 404 Tribune St.,” said Haynes.

The main store, The Love Library at 2562 Shorter Ave., remains open for business.
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