Education: Big day at Unity Christian as the iPads roll out. At Rome High, 300 certified in CPR training.

Education: Big day at Unity Christian as the iPads roll out. At Rome High, 300 certified in CPR training.

It was a very big day at Unity Christian School on Friday. Thanks to the second phase of the school’s Technology Initiative this year, eighth through 12th grade students received an iPad for educational purposes.  Sixth- and seventh-grade students will receive individual iPads in a few weeks as well.  The only difference is these students will use their iPads at school only (not leave campus with them).

Media release: Rome High School has certified roughly 300 students in CPR. Most of these students were freshmen, with a few sophomores added to the classes. Abra Gordon, Lauren Fallin and Melissa Green are educators who all help the Healthcare Science pathway students to reach their goals, and Floyd Medical Center’s CPR trainers check off on the skills they learn in class. The students are then certified by Floyd’s trainers and issued a certificate valid for two years when they are able to demonstrate the steps of CPR.

The Early Childhood Education students are also trained in CRP through Rome High’s certification program.

“We have nine classes being certified today and there are roughly 30 students in each class,” said Lauren Fallin who teaches the Intro to Healthcare Science pathway at Rome High School. “When they are in our healthcare program, they have to be certified in CPR before they start clinicals. Most of these students are freshmen, so they will be re-certified again during their junior year. We want to make sure they are prepared.”

Jamie Brannon, Assistant Director for Floyd Corporate Health, was joined by three CPR instructors from Floyd and they reviewed the material with the class before checking their skills for certification. Students learned how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), the order of steps in caring for someone who is in distress and the proper techniques when administering CPR to a victim.

“By exposing our students to healthcare science classes early on, they are able to make a decision to move forward in the program or learn that it is not for them,” Fallin explained. “We try to expose them to as much as we can, so that they can really tailor their pathway while enrolled in Rome High School. I have also noticed that earning all of these new skills and actually becoming certified in a specialty like CPR really boosts their confidence. They have all been really excited about passing the skills examination today.” (Courtesy, WRGA)

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