State education: Trion City Schools gets highest financial efficiency ratings (88.8%); Chattooga the lowest at 70.6%.

State education: Trion City Schools gets highest financial efficiency ratings (88.8%); Chattooga the lowest at 70.6%.

The Georgia Department of Education has released Financial Efficiency Star Ratings for schools and school districts in Georgia. To view the ratings, click here for school-level and here for district-level, or use the CCRPI reporting tool.

The Financial Efficiency Star Rating provides a measure of a district’s per-pupil spending in relation to the academic achievements of its students. Specifically, the rating is based on a three-year average of per-pupil spending, which is then associated with the district’s CCRPI score. Each district receives a rating ranging from one half-star to five stars; a five-star district can be described as having strong academic outcomes and lower levels of expenditures in comparison with other districts.

State law requires that the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, in coordination with the Georgia Department of Education, create a financial efficiency rating. The rating must be based upon five stars. This is the fourth release of Financial Efficiency Star Ratings for districts, and the first release for individual schools.

All school districts have been given an opportunity to provide a response or additional information which they believe will assist their constituents in understanding the expenditures included in the calculation and the effect on the district’s rating. To view the ratings along with district responses, visit theCCRPI reporting tool.

The local scores:

Floyd County: 77.5%. Narrative: The best score was Johnson Elementary at 87.2%; the lowest, McHenry (which is closing), 40.9%

  • Rome City: 74.5%. Narrative: The highest, East Central, at 90.1%;  lowest was Elm Street at 57.4%

Bartow County: 74.7%. Narrative: The highest was White Elementary at 88.9%; the lowest was South Central Middle at 64.7%

  • Cartersville City: 78.7%. Narrative: The best was Cartersville Primary at 87.7%; the lowest was Cartersville Elementary wit 77.6%.

Gordon County: 72.3%. Narrative: The highest was Sonoraville Elementary at 80%; the lowest was 57.8% at Red Bud Elementary.

  • Calhoun City: 76.4%. Narrative: The highest was Calhoun Primary at 82.9%; the lowest was Calhoun Middle at 68.4%

Polk County: 71.5%. Narrative: The highest was East Side Elementary at 81.5%; the lowest was Van Wert Elementary at 62.4%.

Chattooga County: 70.6%,  The narrative: The highest was Lyerly Elementary at 85.9%; the lowest was Leroy Massey Elementary at 59.8 percent.

Trion City: 88.8%. The narrative: The highest score went to 83.6% for Trion Middle; the lowest to Trion High with a  79.7%

State average: 76.6%

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