Crimewatch: Updates from Floyd County, Bartow County and Polk County law enforcement.

Crimewatch: Updates from Floyd County, Bartow County and Polk County law enforcement.

Community safety:

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Law enforcement headlines:


Sgt. Eric Burns with the Adairsville Police Department Detective Division was selected as the chair of the Bartow-Gordon Domestic Violence Task Force.  The Task Force is comprised of members from public safety, victim advocates, sexual assault advocates, prosecutors, health care professionals, community outreach programs and many other community partners.  The mission of the task force is to create safer communities by empowering individuals to take a stand against domestic violence through awareness, education, and collaboration of community resources.

Floyd County Jail

4 a.m.

8 a.m.

8 p.m.

Polk County Jail report: 



Cartersville Police reports: Tuesday

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Bartow County Jail report

Photo Name In Custody Race Gender Height Weight Multiple Bookings
1DE0C8A7 BURGESS-HARDMAN, NATHANIEL LEE Yes White Male 5′ 8″ 150.0 lbs
1DE0C8KR CASS, JACOB DONAVAN White Male 5′ 7″ 140.0 lbs
1DE0C8RB CHATTUAIS, JACKS GUY Yes Black Male 6′ 0″ 200.0 lbs
1DE0C8L3 COLE, JASON AARON Yes White Male 5′ 9″ 145.0 lbs
1DE0BT8B ENGLE, KATHLEEN WINSTON Yes White Female 5′ 5″ 109.0 lbs
1DE0C8BE FULLER, TIA DANESE White Female 5′ 5″ 125.0 lbs
1DE0C8L8 GREEN, EDWARD ALTON Yes White Male 6′ 4″ 210.0 lbs
1DE0C8UI HOOD, JALESHA DESIREE Yes Black Female 5′ 2″ 128.0 lbs
1DE0C8CE HUCKABAY, DYLAN ANDRE Yes Black Male 5′ 10″ 180.0 lbs
1DE0C8SJ JACOBS, CHRISTOPHER LEE AUSTIN Yes White Male 6′ 0″ 365.0 lbs
1DE0C8RO KELLER, SENA MARIE White Female 5′ 5″ 140.0 lbs
1DE0C8KU LAYTON, JAMES WESLEY Yes White Male 5′ 10″ 160.0 lbs
1DE0C8UB ONEAL, DAKOTA LINDSEY Yes White Female 5′ 0″ 141.0 lbs
1DE0C8AQ PAGE, KIMBERLY DAWN White Female 5′ 6″ 140.0 lbs
1DE0C8LM PERRYMAN, NICOLE ANN Yes White Female 5′ 3″ 210.0 lbs
1DE0C8E0 ROYAL, CASEY MICHAEL Yes White Male 5′ 10″ 150.0 lbs
1DE0C8KL WILSON, TIMOTHY ONEAL Black Male 5′ 9″ 230.0 lbs
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