Politics: Federal judge resets deadline for final Georgia vote count until Friday hours after secretary of state set a deadline for this evening.

Politics: Federal judge resets deadline for final Georgia vote count until Friday hours after secretary of state set a deadline for this evening.

A week after the last votes were cast in the state’s tight gubernatorial election, the final vote count has been extended until Friday. On Monday, federal court Judge Amy Totenberg ordered a delay in certifying the vote until Friday.  As of Tuesday morning, the vote count was as follows:

Brian Kemp: 50.26% or 1,976,614 votes

Stacey Abrams: 48.79% or 1,918,847.votes.

Ted Metz: 0.95% or 37,137 votes.

Latest count: Click here

Here’s the latest:

From The New York Times: “A federal judge on Monday ordered a delay in the certification of Georgia’s election results, citing concerns about the state’s voter registration system and the handling of provisional ballots. The decision effectively deepened the turmoil in Georgia’s campaign for governor, a still unsettled contest that has been among the most acrimonious campaigns in the nation this year. Although the ruling by Judge Amy Totenberg of Federal District Court in Atlanta formally affected every election in Georgia for state and federal office, it reverberated most immediately and powerfully through the governor’s race, in which the Democratic candidate, Stacey Abrams, was within 21,000 votes of forcing a runoff election against Brian Kemp, the Republican nominee. Georgia’s secretary of state, Robyn A. Crittenden, had been preparing to certify the outcome of the election as soon as Wednesday, one day after Georgia’s 159 counties were to complete their tabulations and six days before state law mandated certification. But in a 56-page ruling on Monday night, Judge Totenberg forbade Ms. Crittenden, who assumed office only last week, from certifying the results until at least Friday evening.” Expanded story / From WSB TV

Earlier Monday, Georgia Secretary of State Robyn Crittenden told election officials she wanted that final count as of this evening as scheduled. Her statement: ” Secretary Crittenden stresses that the law and rules regarding absentee ballot verification and the provisional ballot determination period have not changed. The purpose of the guidance is to ensure that county election officials are receiving accurate information as they approach their certification deadline and should not be used to imply that any county election official in Georgia is not properly carrying out his or her duties in compliance with state law. State law requires counties to certify their election results no later than 5 PM Tuesday. You can view the most up-to-date results on the Secretary of State’s Election Night Reporting website. The site will continue to be updated as additional counties update their results.”

Local updates:

On Friday, elections officials in Floyd, Bartow, Gordon and Polk counties certified election results from Nov. 6, including provisional ballots. Those results have been uploaded to the Secretary of State. The latest results uploaded as of Friday evening:

Floyd:  Certified results / 116 provisional ballots

Bartow: Certified Results / 31 provisional ballots

Gordon: Certified Results / 32 provisional ballots

Polk: Certified results / 2 provisional ballots

The Floyd County Commission is expected to certify the local results at today’s meeting.

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