North Rome Church of God celebrates 100 years with special services Saturday, Sunday. Also: A commemorative Facebook page packed with photos, remembrances.

North Rome Church of God celebrates 100 years with special services Saturday, Sunday. Also: A commemorative Facebook page packed with photos, remembrances.


North Rome Church of God  celebrates 100 years of worship with special services this Saturday and Sunday.

Pastor Terry Addis says the first service is at 6 p.m. Saturday and will feature music as well as visits from former pastors of the congregation. Among those scheduled to attend is the state administrative bishop, Tom Madden. Sunday’s service at 10 a.m. will feature the son of one of the previous pastors of North Rome,  First Assistant General Overseer, Dr. Raymond Culpepper.

Addis says the services are open to all both days. In addition, North Rome has created a special Facebook page, complete with wedding photos, memorials and other remembrances. Centennial

Addis and Ahmad Hall, the church’s worship minister, will join us on Hometown Headlines Radio Edition on WRGA 98.7 FM Friday at 8:40 a.m. to talk about the centennial celebration and the church’s history.

North Rome is well known in the community for its annual Passion Play, a free event that often is packed for its entire run. Also, North Rome’s warehouses a block off North Broad Street have twice served as the home for RomeGaCares, hurricane relief efforts organized by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office to help storm victims in Texas and Florida in 2017, and in North Carolina and Florida’s Gulf Coast this year.


For more about the church’s history in Rome, please see below  (from the website):

North Rome is a church with a rich heritage in the city of Rome. As early as 1913, there has been a presence in the city of Rome for God. Beginning in a tent on the corner of Calhoun and North avenues, our predecessors met and worshipped by the light of lanterns and oil lamps.

1919 brought an official organization into the Church of God headquartered in Cleveland, Tenn. The church began on Callahan Street in a white frame building and remained there until the early 1930s.

During the 1930s, a new building was built and later extensively remodeled to match a new educational building. The Church of God in Rome remained there until the spring of 1961.

Paul Stover, pastor during 1961, led the growing church to build a new sanctuary and educational facilities on North Broad Street.  With the leadership of Pastor Stover and other pastors such as J. Frank Culpepper and S.A. Luke, the church was able to manage the debt and in March 1981, a special service was held to burn the mortgage, signifying that the Church of God at North Rome was debt-free.

A new sanctuary was built at North Broad Street in 1990 by Pastor W. A. Bingham. A balcony and larger lobby were added in the next year along with a new gym. North Rome Church of God continued on at the same location until the present time with only minor upgrades to accommodate the crowds coming to hear the Gospel.

The Autumn of 2011 brought a series of physical and technical upgrades, under the leadership of Pastor Harold Jones, to further prepare North Rome for delivering the Gospel into the 21st century.

In November of 2013, Pastor Terry Addis began a new era at North Rome, one of a new determination to reach the community of Rome for Christ. As each new year dawns upon us, we are again inspired to honor the past by leading the church into the future.

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