Dining: Chicken Salad Chick proposed for Martha Berry between Cook Out, Bojangles.

Dining: Chicken Salad Chick proposed for Martha Berry between Cook Out, Bojangles.


The detail shop relocated to East 12th Street months ago.
The view from the drive-through line at Bojangles, show the zoning appeal sign. Hometown photo.
An aerial view from the plans submitted with the planning department. That’s Cook Out on the right.
The basic layout showing Martha Berry, the courtyard and then the restaurant itself.

Rome and Northwest Georgia are a few steps closer to getting a Chicken Salad Chick franchise.

The former home of Auto Link Motors Detail Shop at 801 Martha Berry Blvd. is the site of choice for the Auburn, Ala.-based restaurant that continues as one of the hottest franchises today.

Rumors have churned for several months, since Auto Link’s announced move to 517 W. 12th St. across from Crowe’s Upholstery. We contacted the company and got this response on Aug.30: “Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have any official information we can share at this time but we hope to announce more info soon!” We sent another note Tuesday afternoon and will update as we hear more.

Here’s what we do know:

  • The developers have applied for a zoning variance, dealing with setback requirements from Martha Berry. The established distance has been 20 feet; they’re seeking nine feet. The hearing is later this month. The meeting is Thursday, Nov. 15, at 2:30 p.m.
  • The restaurant is planned on just about three quarters of an acre, with Bojangles on one side (separated by West Eighth Street) and Cook Out burgers on the other.
  • A 40-foot by 40-foot courtyard is planned with almost 2,900 square feet of restaurant space.
  • It features a drive-through lane.
  • It is the latest upgrade for Martha Berry going north from Turner McCall, starting with Walgreens, the new Wendy’s, Kauffman Tire and Cook Out.


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