Buzz:  Fear This Inc. driver’s training for teen drivers returns Nov. 17-18. Free court assistance on Nov. 9.

Buzz: Fear This Inc. driver’s training for teen drivers returns Nov. 17-18. Free court assistance on Nov. 9.

Teen Vehicle Operations Course

With the support of Rome Police Department and Richard B.Russell Airport, Fear This Inc. will be providing driver’s training for teen drivers Nov. 17-18. The course is designed to teach teen drivers the critical skills necessary to not panic in a roadway crisis and to arrive home alive. Teens will have a much better understanding how to avoid an emergency situation, giving their parents peace of mind.

This course is not to be confused with Driver’s Education. Driver’s Ed is designed to teach rules of the roadway and is to serve as a basic foundation for young drivers. In an effort to build on this basic foundation, the program was created. The critical skills taught nationwide to law enforcement professionals have stood the test of time and are proven tactics in
accident avoidance techniques. If these lifesaving skills are designed to bring law enforcement professionals home to their families, why not give our children the same lifesaving techniques?

The training cadre consists of POST mandated law enforcement officers. The course teaches critical skills such as skid steering, precision driving, and on-road/off-road recovery. Additionally, students will be exposed to various stressors to simulate physiological changes that occur in emergency situations. If you are interested in building on the driving foundation of your teen driver visit for registration or call Woodrow Gaines at 770-823-7823.

Georgia Legal Services Program assistance will be available in the Judicial Courthouse located at 3 Government Plaza, Suite 114 on Friday, Nov. 9, at 9 a.m. until noon to assist low-income clients in a range of civil matters, including TPOs, public benefits, housing, consumer issues, school suspensions and unemployment. This service is provided on the second Friday of each month by Superior Court Clerk Barbara H Penson and Georgia Legal Services Program.  For more information call 706-291-5190.

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