Politics: If campaign contributions were votes, it would be a Republican landslide in local House, Senate races.

Politics: If campaign contributions were votes, it would be a Republican landslide in local House, Senate races.

Campaign finance reports are in and for the six candidates on the fall ballot for two seats in the state Senate and one in the state House, a lot of the contributions are from political action committees. In fact, few individual donations of more than $100 are shown in the reports filed with the state as of June 30. (Search by candidate name)

Unlike the governor’s race — which already has seen a record $33 million in contributions, according to the AJC, with the general election still to come — the Senate and House races have been mostly modest.

The one eyeopener is the contribution column for District 52 incumbent Chuck Hufstetler, a Rome Republican. Contributions were at nearly $277,000 as of the end of June with expenditures of nearly $134,000. A lot of both were from other campaigns or campaign-related groups while some of the expenditures went to additional campaigns ($3,600 to Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle who faces Brian Kemp in a closer Republican runoff for governor).

Hufstetler’s Democratic opponent, Evan Ross, picked up a $2,600 check from Roy Barnes of Marietta (we assume the former governor).

In each of the three races, contributions to the Republican incumbent candidates far exceeds those for Democratic challengers.

House District 13

Katie Dempsey, Republican, incumbent

Contributions: $63,100. Two local contributors, Gardner Wright and Earl Tillman, as well as a series of political action committees and professional groups (health, lawyers).

Expenditures: $36,572 including lodging, cell phone and event donations.

In the bank: $26,529

John Burnette, Democrat

Contributions: $1,247. Three individual donations plus a series of in-kind donations, including from his insurance firm (office space)

Expenditures: $700 including $300 for accounting services.

In the bank: $547.

Senate District 52

Chuck Hufstetler, Republican, incumbent

Contributions: $276,882; includes $7,200 from the Georgia Republican Senatorial Committee, PACs, other associations.

Expenditures:$133,992; includes a $3,900 donation to the Casey Cagle campaign plus several other campaigns.

In the bank: $142,890.

Evan Ross, Democrat

Contributions: $19,977 including $2,600 from Roy Barnes.

Expenditures: $13,099 including consulting fees.

In the bank: $6,879.

Senate District 14

Bruce Thompson, Republican, incumbent

Contributions: $98,203 including $5,200 from the Georgia Republican Senatorial Committee and PACs.

Expenditures: $57,374 including $5,000 for event speaker Todd Gongwer, contributions to other candidates.

In the bank: $40,829.

Rachel Kinsey, Democrat

Contributions: $3,771 including $700 from the Cherokee County Democratic Party.

Expenditures: $1,761 including $1,000 to the state Democratic Party for dinners, “Vote Builder” access.

In the bank: $2,010.

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