Education: Rome City Schools names chief executive officer of new college and career academy; administrator; assistant principals.

Media release: The Rome City Schools Board members voted Tuesday during a special session to fill vacancies due to recent promotions.

Holly Amerman, who currently serves RCS as the K-12 Gifted Coordinator and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) coordinator, will fill the position of the CEO of the College and Career Academy and Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Director for Rome City Schools.

Holly has had many roles as an educator in the RCS system since 2010. She has served as the Director/ Coordinator for the Young Scholars Program, the Flexible Learning Program Coordinator for Rome High School, Teacher and Department Chair and Leadership Team Member for Rome High School, as well as, STEM and Gifted Coordinator for the system.

Noel Wilkinson will fill the position as English as a Second Language (ESOL) Coordinator and Title III Coach. Wilkinson holds a Master’s degree from Georgia State University for Reading, Language and Literacy with an ESOL concentration. She also holds a Bachelor’s from Boise State University in Spanish and has been an educator in Rome City Schools for 11 years. Wilkinson currently teaches four classes at Rome Middle School and spends the remainder of the day supporting Spanish-speaking students at all Rome City Schools in the district.

West End Elementary will welcome Kinga Rowell to their administration team as Assistant Principal in the fall. Teaching in the classrooms of Rome City’s elementary schools since July of 1995, Rowell has been an educator for North Heights Elementary and West End Elementary. Additionally, she has been SST Coordinator and Leader of North Heights’ Leadership Team. She was also selected as Teacher of the Year in 2004. Presently, Rowell serves the students at West End Elementary as an Instructional Coach, a role she has filled since 2011.

Taking the position of Assistant Principal for Elm Street Elementary will be Brant Amerman. Brant is familiar with elementary education in RCS. Starting in 2008, he served as a science and social studies teacher for grades four and five at West End Elementary for eight years. In 2016, he was promoted to the Gifted Resource Teacher at Elm Street Elementary where he teaches presently.

Stephen A. McClure Sr. was approved to fill the position of Assistant Principal of North Heights Elementary. McClure began his work in Rome City Schools in 2016 as the Assistant Principal for Rome Middle School. McClure brings to North Heights a wealth of experience in administrative duties and development of personnel.

The Board has also approved the appointment on Jennifer C. Uldrick to Assistant Principal of West Central Elementary School. Uldrick started her work in Rome City Schools as a teacher for West End Elementary’s kindergarten and first grade classes. In 2010, Uldrick accepted a position as Literacy Coach for West Central Elementary’s K-6th grade students where she currently serves.

Jennifer Goya will serve as the new Assistant Principal for Anna K. Davie Elementary. Goya began her RCS career as a teacher at Anna K. Davie Elementary in 2002. In 2007, she accepted a position as a Rome Middle School ELA and Reading teacher and in 2014 she returned to the elementary classroom as a sixth grade social studies teacher at West End where she currently serves.

All of the positions will begin become effective July 1.


Media release: Rome City School Board has voted on the following positions to be filled for the 2018-2019 school year:

Leslie Dixon will fill the position of Director of School Improvement for the system. Dixon has served as the Principal of West Central Elementary since 2011 and she has worked in the RCS system since 2005. The primary responsibilities of the School Improvement Director are: to provide leadership in the development, implementation, and evaluation of school improvement; plan, develop, organize and implement policies and procedures according to federal guidelines and budgets; and evaluate existing personnel and programs pertinent to school and district progress.

Buffi Murphy, who currently serves as West End Elementary Principal, will take a position in Central Office as the new Professional Learning Specialist. Murphy is an administrator with more than 23 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and has been Principal at West End since 2006.The Professional Learning Specialist will be responsible for professional development of RCS faculty and staff at the district level.

Now serving as the assistant principal for Anna K. Davie Elementary, Kriszti Kilpatrick will work in Central Office as the Special Education Director. Kilpatrick began her work in RCS at Main Elementary as a Special Education Teacher in 2007 until she was promoted to Assistant Principal for East Central and Southeast Elementary in 2014-2015. In 2015, Kilpatrick became Assistant Principal at Annie K. Davie and has been active in community partnerships and programs developed for the students at the school. Her work in Special Education early in her career will be her focus going forward in Central Office.

Laura Walley, the current Assistant Principal for Elm Street Elementary, will take the reins as pPrincipal for the 2019 school year. From 2007 to 2014, Walley served the children of Elm Street in the classroom as a teacher until she was promoted to Assistant Principal in 2014. (Replaces Dr. JoAnn Moss; see below)

Daphne Johnson was named the new Principal of West Central Elementary. Johnson has also served as Assistant Principal at West Central and Southeast Elementary since 2014. Before splitting time as the Assistant Principal for these two schools, Johnson served as a teacher and literacy coach when she joined the RCS system in 2005.

Dr. Dennis B. Drummond Sr., Ph.D. has been approved for the position of Principal of West End Elementary School. He has also served as a teacher for elementary schools outside of the RCS system, including Midway Elementary and Creekside Elementary in Baldwin County. Dr. Drummond has been an educator since 2005 and he has been an administrator in RCS since 2013. Working with East Central Elementary and West End, Dr. Drummond brings the perspective of an educator and administrator to the table at West End where he is already familiar with their programs.

Taking the position of Principal of North Heights Elementary will be Wesley Styles. Styles has served as an administrator for Polk County Schools and has also served as the Physics teacher for Darlington Upper School. He also worked in the Rome City Schools system in 2002 where he served as a science teacher and wrestling coach through 2011. (Replaces Tonya Wood; see below)

Said Lou Byars, superintendent: “I am thrilled about these promotions. These individuals are great representatives of Rome City Schools and we are pleased to have such wonderful educators in our system.”

The above changes are in addition to, and in some cases respond to, earlier updates announced by Rome City Schools:

Rome City Schools approved two changes to the central office staff for the 2018-19 school year. Both Dr. JoAnn Moss and Tonya Wood will take new positions.

  • Moss, an educator since 1966, began her career in Rome City Schools and has served at the elementary and middle school levels. Currently, she is the principal of Elm Street Elementary where she has helped to connect the school to community partners for the past 18 years.  She will serve at Central Office as Director of Development and Special Programs. In her new role, she will explore partnerships and opportunities for technology based projects in order to form new community relationships that help to serve the students of Rome City Schools. Part of her focus will also be program development for the new sixth-grade STEAM Academy.
  • Wood, currently North Heights principal, also will take on a new role at Central Office. Wood was hired by Rome City Schools as Assistant Principal of East Central and Southeast Elementary in 2000. In 2004, she became Principal at East Central Elementary until filling her current role as Principal of North Heights Elementary in 2011. As Grant Coordinator for Rome City Schools, Wood will work with the 21st Century Grants, in order to help the entire system find new ways to fund special projects. Wood was instrumental in the success of North Heights becoming STEM certified and will assist with other STEM grants across the system.
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